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Live Chat for Slack: A Simpler, Faster, and Better Way to Live Chat

January 17, 2023

Hardik Makadia

CEO, WotNot

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Live Chat. The word itself means chatting with your customers while they are on the chat instantly. But it’s a shame that today's live chat looks nothing like what it was intended.

Missed chats, slower turnaround times, and the reactive way of managing chats are some of the biggest challenges that lead to poor live chat experiences for customers.

  • 20% of customers have negative experiences with live chat support.

  • 24% of consumers expressed that long wait times are their biggest frustration.

  • 9% of consumers say that they are most annoyed by having to repeat themselves, and 16% of businesses agree to it.

These stats prove how bad things are with live chat. I am sure these stats won’t encourage you to have a live chat at your company.

Not only customers but also SDRs have a tough time managing live chats.

Ask any SDR, and you will get a list of challenges they face in live chat, such as:

  • Missed opportunities

  • Steep learning curve of live chat tools

  • Slower approvals from management

  • Relying on reactive live chat

We at WotNot realized that these pain points are universal for all businesses, SDRs, and customers. So, we thought of coming up with a solution to make live chat great again.

This gave birth to our latest product update in the form of live chat for Slack.

Yes, now you can manage live chats directly from your Slack.

As the name suggests, this feature hands over chats to your Slack. And then, you can respond to it or join proactively as per your desire.

So, why do we think this is going to be a game-changer? Let’s find out in this blog.

1. Don’t Miss Out on Any of Your Live Chats

Every SDR must have encountered a scenario where they lost a big-ticket client on live chat. This is a genuine problem, and it costs businesses a lot.

One key reason for this is the nature of the sales live chat. Unlike customer support, in sales, there is no continuous stream of live chats.

As a result, SDR focuses on other tasks rather than waiting for the next live chat. And sometimes, this causes them to miss out on a massive lead which makes them go like👇

Second, SDRs, like every other professional, can't sit 8 hours on a trot. They also need to take breaks in between to freshen themselves up.

And many times, when they are on a break, a big prospect, let’s say a fortune 500 company comes on the live chat, and there is no one to respond to them.

As agonizing as it sounds, this is the reality for businesses and SDRs. And when such things happen, SDRs feel like this👇

But now, with live chat for Slack, SDRs can take a sigh of relief.

In live chat for Slack, all the conversations happen within Slack, making it easier for SDRs to respond on time. With this, they never miss any live chat since they are mostly on Slack for internal communication.

This means even if an SDR is busy with their other tasks, they can always have an eye on the live chat through Slack.

Secondly, Slack live chat can be accessed through a mobile app. This means SDRs don’t have to entirely depend on their systems for live chat. They can use their phones at any time to answer live chat.

So, no fear of losing out on any big client on live chat when SDRs are on a lunch break or a short break. They can always use their phones and ensure they never lose out on a live chat.

2. Manage Chats Within Slack Threads

Managing live chat can be a tough task, given the number of chats that you may have to handle at once and throughout the day. Live chat for Slack makes this easy with Slack threads, where you can easily manage all your live chats.

Here, all your conversation with a client can be managed under one thread, so that the rest of the channel looks clean and organized.

Additionally, you can also route your chats across different Slack channels. Let’s say you have different departments in your business. And you want live chats of clients concerning those departments to go only to that specific department. In such a case, you can configure live chat for Slack integration in a way that it assigns live chats to only their respective departments.

3. Eliminate Training for Salespeople

Okay, so here is a controversial opinion.

Salespeople are technology laggards!

It means they are the last people in an organization to adopt any new technology and tool.

It’s just like that banks and the healthcare sector are technology laggards among industry verticals. Similarly, the sales department is the laggard among different departments in the organization.

Well, to their defense, it is mostly because their work largely involves interacting with the clients. And they generally don’t have much time to invest in learning new tools.

In such a scenario, training salespeople for a live chat tool might need a lot of effort and time that you would ideally like to reduce or, in the best case scenario, completely eliminate.

Well, with the Slack live chat tool, you get the best-case scenario. With this feature, you don’t need to spend a dime on training your sales staff, as they are already aware of how Slack works.

With this, you not only offer an easy way to manage live chat for your sales department but also spare them from putting time and effort that would otherwise go into learning a new live chat tool.

4. Get Higher ROI With Proactive Messaging

When we talk about live chat, the first thing that comes to our mind is real-time response and assistance to customers. This is called reactive live chat. But this is not the only way to carry out live chat. There is also another way called proactive chat.

This is exactly the opposite of reactive chat, where live chat agents take the initiative to start a conversation with a visitor to offer them assistance or engage them in a conversation.

If we talk in terms of ROI, the proactive method is way more effective than its counterpart. As per a research study by Forrester, reactive chat gives a return on investment (ROI) of 15%. Whereas proactive chat gives a return on investment (ROI) of 105%.

That’s a huge jump. This shows how important and effective proactive live chat is.

With live chat for Slack, you can carry out proactive live chat with the same ease as you could with reactive live chat.

Here, you can define the best possible scenarios for engaging in proactive live chat. Let’s take a few examples to understand it better.

Scenario 1: Notify When Someone is on a Key Landing Page

It’s common knowledge that any visitor who is on the pricing page or is enquiring for price or quote is at quite a deeper level of the customer buying journey. And it is easier to convert those visitors into customers than the rest of others.

So, you can set a Slack notification every time a visitor lands on the pricing page. You can use the Slack notification action block to do the same. With this, you can proactively join the chat and make the most of proactive live chat.

Here is an example where the bot notified on Slack when a person from the US viewed our pricing page, and Hardik immediately jumped into a conversation with them.

Scenario 2: Get Notified When a High Qualified Prospects Lands on Your Site

Your dream client doesn’t land on your website every day. It is an extremely rare opportunity which you would never like to lose. To ensure that you are on top of it, you can use Slack notification for all the highly qualified prospects.

Let's say, you identify all fortune 500 companies as high qualified prospects. So, you create a notification that any time a fortune 500 company lands on your website, you get a notification on Slack.

The above image shows what a notification could look like. Certainly, that notification will catch anyone’s attention and make them take an appropriate action immediately.

Scenario 3: Do Account-based Marketing Like a Boss

Different sales reps engaging with the same visitors results in chaos and reduces conversion rate. Here, ABM comes to the rescue.

Account-based marketing is a targeted marketing approach used by B2B companies that focuses on individual accounts instead of groups of prospects. The main objective here is to create personalized marketing campaigns for high-value accounts to cultivate relationships and drive revenue.

With live chat for Slack, you can implement account-based marketing seamlessly. Here, you can integrate your CRM to fetch the data and get notified whenever a targeted client lands on the website or is available for the live chat.

Let’s see an example to understand this properly.

Let’s say you work in a wealth management firm and a client named John was assigned to you. You had a chat with him and explained everything about your offerings.

After that, John again comes to your company’s website, and you get a notification on Slack saying that your client John is on the website.

Here, you can start a live chat proactively and assist your client, thus building a rapport and trust with your client.

5. Easier Collaboration

As an SDR, you want things to move fast. You want your upper management to respond quickly by swift actions and approvals. But many times, SDR become victims of red taping and lose out on big opportunities.

But no more, live chat for Slack encourages easier collaboration by giving the ability to share conversation threads easily.

Let’s take an example to understand this properly.

Let’s say you’re on a live chat with a high-value prospect. And they are on the verge of accepting the deal. The only barrier right now is the price.

Now, generally, in such scenarios, you have to negotiate between both parties. This requires you to go to your boss, schedule a meeting, get negotiation approved, and then inform the prospect about the same.

However, with a Slack live chat feature, you can simply share the Slack thread to your boss and ask for a go ahead. Your boss will receive the thread on the Slack, go through the entire conversation and give you his decision, thus resulting in faster decisions and approvals.

Fast and efficient isn’t it?

6. Unlimited Users

Live chat for Slack is an amazing feature and we don’t think any businesses should get deprived of it. That’s why we are offering unlimited users for this feature.

Yes, you heard it right!

For live chat, per seat pricing is a well accepted norm. But we want to disrupt it as we firmly believe that your company should not be at the burden of your growth.

Imagine, how quickly you can scale your live chat capabilities and that too without putting a dent in your budget.


So, that wraps up live chat for Slack. Interesting isn’t it. We are sure this feature will elevate communication and collaboration for businesses. It will resolve all the current challenges, making live chat simpler, faster, and more effective than ever before.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign Up now to try this amazing feature.


Hardik Makadia

CEO, WotNot

His leadership, pioneering vision, and relentless drive to innovate and disrupt has made WotNot a major player in the industry.