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Product Updates - November 2021

December 23, 2022

Hardik Makadia

CEO, WotNot

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The holiday season is almost here, and we have some exciting new features and updates that we would like to share with you all. In this update, we mainly focused on improving the user experience of some features of the product and a new feature that we will be introducing.

Here’s a short video walkthrough of all the updates and features we launched in November 2021.

We released four new features in November, so check them out if you haven’t already. 

1. App Market

If you’re using marketing tools, it calls for integrations to seamlessly transfer data from one platform to another. WotNot’s app market is a place for you to explore a range of integrations under a single roof to integrate easily with all your favorite apps and seamlessly sync data from the bot to those tools/apps. We integrate with Airtable, Salesforce, Calendly, Google Sheets, and Google Calendar and have many more integrations in the works.

To add integrations, you can simply click on the integration in the App Market, read the instructions and add accounts that need access to the integration. The tool will showcase a green tick that signifies that the integration has been added successfully. You can simply head on to the bot builder and add the integration in the bot flow. You can update your pricing plan if your desired integration is not available.

2. Contact Filtering

With the motive of elevating the user experience and taking into account the customer feedback, we made some useful changes to the contacts page. 

Your bots are collecting tons of leads each month. Sometimes, you want to quickly check the leads that the bot-generated. Earlier, you just had the option of checking and unchecking the columns you’d like to see. There was no mechanism to rearrange the variables. Well, we changed that. You can now drag and drop to rearrange the variables. Keep the ones you want to view at the top and vice versa.

Also, finding the right category of leads used to be a challenge. The only way to do that before was by exporting the data into a CSV file and opening it into excel or Google Sheets. Considering this, we added a new facility to filter data. You can click on ‘filter’ to choose the variable you want to filter. If you want to add multiple filters, you can click on ‘Add Another’ and define what relationships you want the conditions to have. You can click on ‘Reset’ to remove the conditions. 

Lastly, every contact leaves you wondering what that particular lead’s conversational journey was. To curb this curiosity, we added a button that directs you to individual chats from the contacts page. Just click on the icon next to the name. The click will direct you to the contact’s conversation with the bot or the agent, and you can take note of the chat journeys. 

3. Chat Widget Customization

While you can already customize the chat widget from the numerous available themes, we thought to take it up a notch higher. You can now also change the font, the size of the bot radius, the size of the button, etc.

We have an option where you can just add the CSS for the changes you want. You can click on ‘Apply Changes’ to change the bot’s interface based on your inputs. You can check out the entire list of classes that you can customize the CSS for. 

4. Hide input on the chat widget

Not all questions on the bot require typed answers. Some require the user to just choose from buttons. Previously, whenever someone interacted with the bot, the input field was always enabled even when typing was not supported. 

It led to confusion since even when users were just required to choose from buttons, they would try typing, which obviously wouldn’t work. To clear the mishaps caused by this and to improve the user experience, we only enabled the input box when there is a block that supports it. This will remain consistent throughout the chat. If the question doesn’t require an input, the field wouldn’t appear and vice versa. 

That’s it for this month, people. A lot of updates are still in the works, of which you’ll get full disclosure in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!


Hardik Makadia

CEO, WotNot

His leadership, pioneering vision, and relentless drive to innovate and disrupt has made WotNot a major player in the industry.