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What’s new with WotNot- Product updates April 2021

May 5, 2021

Hardik Makadia

CEO, WotNot

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WotNot has a range of new features for its users! At WotNot, we’re constantly striving to make bot-building less complicated while enhancing our product’s functionalities and integrations. The core goal of these updates is to enable faster and more efficient bot creation that facilitates heightened scalability. WotNot has worked towards building a delightful experience for its users by adding more user-friendly features! Check out all the latest updates in store for you!

1. Error Debugging

Consider this: You’ve created a sophisticated conversational flow on WotNot’s bot builder, and you click on ‘test the bot’ before deploying. But it doesn’t work. The only reason for this is your bot is incomplete or has some error in one or more action blocks. Some of the most common errors you can come across are:

  • Your blocks are not connected

  • Mandatory fields are left empty

  • Invalid files are uploaded

Till now, if your block had an error, it would just show a yellow exclamation above the block like this:

If your bot is small enough to fit on your screen, you see the exclamation, and you change it. But again, what if your bot is long and complex? You’d have to screen through your entire bot to locate the error. So, with more than 30-40 action blocks, how do you find the block with error, so that you can quickly fix it and proceed with previewing? 

This issue is now solved with error identification on bot builder!

Here’s how it works:

  • You identify the red button, which shows the number of errors

  • Click on it to see the list of errors with the name of the block, where the error is, and its description to help you understand it

  • Click on any error so that the system takes you directly to where it’s located

Similarly, you can rectify all your errors within minutes. This will also save you ample time, especially when you’re cloning long and complex bots for Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. 

2. Search bar

Don’t we all just love search bars?! Hasn’t it become our habit to quickly search for what we’re looking for rather than navigate; be it a website or a bot? Bots with a straightforward and short flow are ready within minutes and easy to screen through. But let’s say your bot looks like this:

Before, you manually had to search for the block in the flow. Imagine you’re previewing your bot, and you come across a silly spelling mistake in a message. You quickly want to change it and deploy it.

But when your bot is long and complex, how will you search where the message needs to be modified? A simple modification can consume minutes, and as you start building longer conversations, the navigation within the bot is difficult. 

But now, WotNot has a search functionality on the bot builder where you can find the blocks by their names or number! Since you identified a simple error, you go to the bot builder and search for the block name.

As soon as you type or select the block, you’ll be directed to that action block. You can quickly reach a block to make your changes, and you’re good to go! 

This search bar will:

  • Help you navigate around the bot

  • Help you find a specific block when you’re building complex bots

  • Help you find the block that needs changes when you’re cloning your bot for other platforms

  • Smoothen your overall bot-building process!

3. Airtable Integration

Have tons of products/services which seem impossible to fit in the bot builder? You can now integrate Airtable with WotNot to list all your products and services.

You can dynamically fetch the data from Airtable and render them as buttons and carousels.

How does this help?

  • It eliminates managing products on bot builder

  • Managing products on Airtable is easier

  • Real-time changes to the bot as and when changes are made on the Airtable

  • Less clutter on the bot builder

Airtable integration just involves five easy steps! To learn in detail about how to integrate Airtable into your bot builder, you can check it out here: How to Use Airtable for Conversational Commerce?

4. Performance improvements

How many times have you pulled your hair out of frustration because your tool hanged or performed actions slower while you were using it? We’ve all been there, haven’t we? WotNot’s no-code visual bot builder faced the same challenges as any software. With longer conversations came longer software hangs that created an unpleasant experience for the user. 

Hence, WotNot has worked on enhancing the existing ecosystem to a more optimised one. Our engineering team has worked tirelessly in implementing multiple improvement efforts into WotNot’s infrastructure. After all, don’t we all crave good speed while using the software? Overall, we have been able to achieve a significant performance improvement of about 60% compared to what we had previously. And are continuously working on more enhancements to take that number even higher. Here are all the actions that will see an improved performance:

  • Time to add new branches

  • Overall usability speed

  • Dragging the action blocks

  • Panning around the bot builder

With the new performance improvements, you’ll experience a faster speed and accessibility.

5. Improved look of Analytics Dashboard and Live chat

Software that you use every day cannot have a dull and boring look. Get a more holistic product experience with WotNot’s trendy outlook! WotNot’s Analytics Dashboard and Live Chat are beautified with their new interface. Check it out!

What’s new: 

The analytics dashboard is the very first page you see once you log in on WotNot. We made sure that the dashboard has easy readability along with a pleasant interface.

Apart from that, the look of the live chat page has also changed for a better viewing experience.

That’s it for April 2021! Stay tuned for our latest product updates for the next month!


Hardik Makadia

CEO, WotNot

His leadership, pioneering vision, and relentless drive to innovate and disrupt has made WotNot a major player in the industry.