Top 17 White Label Tools for Agencies in 2023

Bhavyadeep Sinh Rathod
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Are you a digital marketing agency struggling to retain your clients? Do you face issues managing the different facets of marketing and keeping up with the client’s needs?

You should invest in white label tool for the marketing services you offer. White label tools can get you the extra hands needed to operate your digital marketing business at a lower cost. You can keep expanding the suite of services you offer while keeping up with the latest trends.

If you are excited to know more about white label tools for agencies and how they can help, read on. We will be covering the benefits and top white label marketing software your marketing agency should include.

What Are White Label Tools for Agencies?

A tool that you can customize with your brand elements to showcase it as your own is a white label software. It is a fully developed tool, where the developer provides the agency with the rights to call it their own. They offer cosmetic customizations that include adding the brand’s logo, colors, and other specifics.

For example, let’s consider a white label chatbot for agency. It is owned by the company that developed it. Using white label marketing services, they will provide the agency the rights to customize, brand and own the chatbot.

Using this chatbot tool, the agency can capture every visit on their client’s website, add them to the funnel and improve the lead generation capabilities of their client. 

Why White Label Tools Are Perfect for Marketing Agencies

Are you contemplating whether a white label marketing tool would help your business? As a digital marketing agency, there are several areas where you are expected to perform. Each vertical requires additional resources, lots of planning, and several strategies.

However, the right tools that carry your branding can help you focus on your core business while acting as your additional resource. Here are the benefits of embracing white label marketing tools.

1. Minimizes Cost

If you develop a product to manage the particular task, you will need the investment and resources. This will add to the overhead costs. By using white label tools for agencies, you don’t need to create a product; you can use the tool to benefit your customers by paying for the services and features you use.

Imagine hiring a resource for social media planning and execution. You might even need two resources here. However, if you check the right white label tool, you can reduce the cost of hiring and add more services to your suite. It helps you be more affordable as well.

2. Satisfied Clients

When you offer a suite of solutions and manage them well, the client will get impressive returns. There will be a noticeable increase in their bottom line, leading to more satisfied and impressed clients. As you have more time to focus on strategies, you become efficient, and the results you deliver are excellent.

3. Gain Expertise

When you sign up for white label tools, you also sign up for expertise in that segment. For example, the white label SMS marketing tool provider is an expert in that field. They will support you when you are stuck, offer documentation that can help resolve the issues you are facing, and provide the right recommendations to enhance SMS marketing. 

4. Widens Portfolio

By adding a white label marketing software, you will increase the number of services you offer your customer. For example, if you include the analytics white label marketing platform to your bouquet of services, you would be helping your clients with insights and recommendations. This can help them make the right decision. Similarly, with website builder white label tools, you can offer website development solutions.

Top 17 White Label Tools for Agencies to Consider

As a digital marketing service provider, you can implement and incorporate a range of tools to enhance your user’s user experience. These tools can offer exceptional services that can improve operations, streamline functions, increase marketing outcomes and shorten sales cycles for your customers. Let’s take a quick look at some of the top white label tools you can use as a digital marketing agency. 

White Label Chatbot

White label chatbots can enhance conversational marketing efforts for the business. By incorporating this white label marketing platform, you can help businesses capture visitor leads and improve their lead qualities. It also helps with immediate customer service. Let’s have a look at the top white label chatbot for your agency.

1. WotNot

WotNot is the one of the leading white label tools for agencies to enhance their customer’s conversational marketing efforts. With this white label platform, you can expand your offerings and add a new income stream.

You also get to choose the features, customize the look of the chatbot, and use it to improve the digital marketing services you offer. You can also devise specific chatbot features you want to offer your customers with WotNot’s software team. 

The Key Features

  • Its no code bot builder enables your customers to build bots without any coding

  • Easily integrates with messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Messenger

  • Allows your clients to provide customer support with a single click

  • Analytics dashboard helps clients to keep an eye on important business KPIs and gain key insights

The Pricing

To know about the white label pricing, you can contact WotNot's sales department.

White Label Website Builder Tool

2. Wix

It is one of the leading website-building tools available in the market. This white label marketing software solution is simple and usable. There are several customization opportunities. With a single click, you can remove the Wix branding, add yours, and implement it as part of your digital marketing suite.

You can scale your client’s website with this builder effortlessly. They also offer training guides and videos to help you build the solutions. It comes with client billing systems and feedback mechanisms that improve client experience.

The Key Features

  • An exceptional feedback system that helps you get real-time feedback from the customers

  • Automates invoicing and billing workflows

  • Access the website building backend for better customizations

  • A dedicated account manager to help you with developing client websites

The Pricing

You will need to contact team to get the pricing for the particular platform.

3. Ecwid

This is one of the finest white label website builders that can make your digital marketing services effective. It is a powerful white label SaaS solution that provides a suite of tools for marketing, website development, and design.

The advantage of using this tool is that it is easy to install and fits your branding easily. The affordable pricing and quick implementation make it a lucrative option for digital marketing services companies.

This cloud-based service ensures no hidden costs and implements software updates immediately.

The Key Features

  • All the tools needed to start store development

  • Improves and shortens the sales cycle by adding new channels

  • Customize and brand your tool to meet your brand’s image

The Pricing

You should connect with the team to know more about the pricing.

White Label Data Analytics and Reporting Tools

Reporting tools are great and should be part of every digital marketing service bouquet. By adding these white label tools for agencies, you can help your clients track the right KPIs, have full control of their businesses, and improve the outcomes. Here are a few reporting tools that you can use without tech knowledge.

4. Domo

It is one of the leading white label tools for agencies. It is a data analytics and reporting tool that leverages business intelligence to translate data into powerful insights. This low-code tool helps combine data across business processes and create workflows.

You can offer real-time insight into your end user’s processes to help them make the right decisions. It helps remove the bottlenecks and optimize the processes for better business growth.

The Key Features

  • The 1000+ pre-built connectors with this tool allow the tool to sync with any data source and volume

  • Your users can customize the reports and read through the analytics easily

  • You can customize the tool to suit the end user’s purpose without coding knowledge

  • Your users get complete control of the data owing to the centralized data governance tools.

The Pricing

The pricing depends on multiple factors, including the features, storage capabilities and data query volumes you need for your end users. To find more about the pricing for Domo, you can contact sales.

5. Klipfolio

This white label marketing software helps businesses connect with their data irrespective of their storage. The pre-built connections combined with the services allow the end users to retrieve data using SQL and other query methods defined by the tool.

They offer a single dashboard that allows businesses to measure and monitor the data from a single place. With the white label feature, you can customize everything and brand it by your image.

The Key Features

  • It can connect with several cloud applications using REST APIs and datasets, thus giving you a complete view of your data.

  • Using in-built templates, the data can be converted into visualizations and dashboards that give an at-a-glance view of the business operations.

  • Schedule and customize reports for better decision-making

  • Customize charts and segments to determine how the user can view the data for better interpretation.

  • Integrates with 300+ data services using REST or URL option

  • Manipulates data, performs calculations, and builds logic with Excel-like formulas and functions

The Pricing

Pricing of this white label marketing tool depends on the features and dashboards you need. For custom pricing, you need to discuss it with the team. You can get more details on their pricing here.

White Label Project Management Tool

If your client has to manage an entire project using in-house, it can become quite tedious. By offering tools that can help them manage the projects and keep a bird’s eye view on the key metrics, the businesses can take the right decisions and enhance the outcomes. Here are a few white label marketing software solutions that you can use for your clients to make management easy and hassle-free.

6. Project Hub

Project Hub is one of the finest white label tools for agencies that offer digital marketing solutions. This tool is hosted on your server and can be accessed easily. You can customize it to meet your unique brand identity and image.

This offers videos to help your clients know how to maneuver through the tools. They offer 100% white label rights to you, which makes it easy for you to brand and sell the tool. This tool also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Key Features

  • Helps monitor and manage all projects from a single place

  • Assign and manage all the major project milestones and tasks

  • Create user profiles and role-based access

  • Track the number of hours employees work on a particular project

  • Collaborate with the business Intranet software solutions

  • Highly encrypted way of managing data

The Pricing

Project Hub license will cost you $297. For details, check this link.

7. ProofHub

This white label marketing platform offers an extensive range of features that can help access and manage projects with ease. It helps plan, organize, collaborate and deliver the projects on time.

Table view to Gantt charts, there are various in-tool features that help you schedule the jobs and assign tasks. You can use this tool to track the number of hours spent on a specific project, assign the workflows, automate the tasks, and plan the daily agenda for faster deliveries.

The Key Features

  • Use the table view to plan and assign the projects to the different people

  • Boards allow your users to spot the bottlenecks and keep the business on the right track

  • Plan the work breakdown structure to assign tasks and subtasks

  • Use time tracking to estimate the hours spent on a project

  • Overview of the resources used, assigned, and other aspects of project planning

The Pricing

The white label software comes in the ultimate control package priced at $89 per month.

White Label Social Media Management Tools

Imagine managing social media, creating content, and scheduling posts for multiple clients simultaneously. As a digital marketing agency, this can be a tough job. Adding the white label marketing platform, you get help managing the customer’s accounts and social media profile without adding costs or resources.

8. Social Pilot

This powerful white label marketing platform helps you deliver business social media marketing goals. The users can manage their social media profiles from a single place. The platform allows the end users to integrate their social profiles to get immediate access to reports, analytics and insights.

It can enhance your digital marketing services by offering a pool of features that can help your end users be more visible and engaging on this medium. You can manage bulk scheduling and define the calendar from a single place.

The Key Features

  • A seamless branded experience for all your clients with this white label tool

  • Improve engagement for the businesses you work with by keeping track of the conversations and enhancing the social media funnel

  • Get automated reports to help identify the insights and interpret them for better decision-making

  • Schedule the posts, monitor the outcome and plan the social media from a single place

The Pricing

The agency package has the white label marketing software solution. It is priced at $106.25 per month.

9. Sendible

This white label marketing software helps grow the business, attract customers, and attain social media goals. It supports integrations with other social media channels for quicker conversations and better engagement.

Customize the posts, preview, and then post them for better outcomes. Better working environment with extensive and automated workflows. Measure and monitor the social media posts using custom reports and an at-a-glance dashboard.

The Key Features

  • Get complete insights into social media data from different channels to gain insights and recommendations.

  • Listen to the customers for brand mentions and to improve engagement

  • Schedule posts and images to improve the discoverability of the social media posts

  • One-click reports to measure content engagement and monitor its impact

The Pricing

The white labeling feature is part of the custom package. You can build your package with the features and functionality you want. Discuss with the team to know the price of the solution.

White Label Invoicing and Management Tool

Managing billing and invoicing needs is one of the biggest issues your clients face today. What if you gave them the requisite support needed to manage invoices and streamline billing needs? Yes, check out these white label tools for agencies that you can add to your bouquet of services to increase the number of digital marketing services.

10. Invoice Ninja

This is a marketing software that automates invoicing and billing to automate financial workflows. The white label software helps custom brand the invoicing software to help businesses automate recurring bills and invoices.

It offers a huge variety of customizations and features that you can incorporate when selling it to your customers. It also helps manage certain projects to help bill accurately. Your users can easily identify the hours spent on the project, set the time durations, and plan the projects.

The Key Features

  • Helps manage vendors and the invoices

  • Mark the expenses as billed or paid or billable

  • Track the inventory for every project individually

  • Monitor your costs and profits

  • Create workflows to ensure timely payments

The Pricing

You can check out details on pricing here. You can connect with their team to know the white label pricing.

11. ProfitBooks

The white label marketing solution gives you complete freedom to choose the features and offers you believe can enhance your end user’s experience. This tool extends accounting and bookkeeping functionality. It also includes an integrated billing solution that makes invoicing and accounting easy.

Invoicing management tools can help improve invoicing and estimations when you offer digital marketing services. It helps businesses track expenditures and manage costs. Taxation and sales reports help take a detailed look at the business processes.

The Key Features

  • Track and monitor your expenses and keep an eye on outstanding dues

  • Build custom invoice templates for the specific business

  • Manage and monitor the invoices and estimates

  • Generate the taxation and sales reports

  • Multi-currency invoices, and estimates

The Pricing

You can customize the white label marketing platform to suit your requirements. For customization and pricing, you need to connect with the sales team at Profit Books.

White Label Landing Page Builder Tool

White label landing page builders are an excellent addition to your business. Using these tools, you can implement exceptional landing pages for your clients to improve their lead generation and marketing capabilities. Wondering which white label marketing services to choose for landing pages? Here’s a few tools you can use.

12. Simvoly

This white label marketing software helps create beautiful and aesthetically impressive landing pages. It comes with an incredible drag-n-drop editor with pre-built templates and a library of features that allows you to create pages for all business needs.

Your users can also leverage the unique builders to expedite the development processes. They can customize the pages and the fonts to match their unique needs. A help button can guide the users on how to use the builder.

The Key Features

  • It offers page optimization and A/B testing tools that allow your clients to test and optimize the page for the searches

  • 60+ videos that can train the users on how to take the help of the website builder to create the landing page

  • Rearrange the menu bar to allow select options to the designer

  • Unique tools and drag-n-drop editor to help build pages faster

The Pricing

There are three plans to choose from:

  • Basic: $59 per month

  • Growth: $99 per month

  • Pro: $199 per month

13. Landingi

This white label marketing software offers a suite of tools that helps with landing page development. Before offering it as part of your digital marketing suite, you can customize the tool with your branding elements.

It also includes the autoresponder feature to improve white labeling. The users can personalize the landing pages to create a powerful experience.

The Key Features

  • Build, preview, test and launch the landing pages with a single click

  • Smart editing options for quicker assessment and quality check

  • Measure and monitor the impact of the landing pages

  • Integrate with internal tools to stay organized and manage your processes better

The Pricing

This white label marketing platform is part of the Agency package priced at $109 per month

White Label Email Marketing Tool

Are you looking for ways to improve your client’s lists, leads and sales? Do you want white label tools for agencies that can help you enhance your client’s visitor-lead-conversion rate? Here are a few tools that we believe can enhance your email marketing efforts substantially.

14. ActiveCampaign

This is one of the finest white label tools for agencies that help automate email marketing. It is an excellent mix of email marketing with CRM that helps plan for acquisition, nurture, and retention.

The white label solution offers opportunities to digital marketing businesses to customize their offering and enhance user experience.

You can also make HTML and CSS-bound changes to the platform, along with cosmetic alterations. The dashboard of the end user can be personalized to meet their email marketing goals.

The Key Features

  • You can customize the pre-built templates or the automation to suit the needs of your client

  • Your clients can sign into their dashboard with their websites

  • CRM tools that can help manage the leads effectively

The Pricing

All the white label solutions are available in the enterprise pack priced at $229 per month. 

15. Sendinblue

This white label tool has enhanced the email marketing experience by offering a feature “pay for what you send.” This tool allows businesses to create aesthetically empowering and brilliant emails from pre-built templates.

The white label solution will help you segment while offering digital marketing solutions. The real-time reports help understand the status of the email, leads nurtured, and conversion rates. 

The Key Features

  • Optimize the send time for better open rates

  • Get real-time reports into the business’s email marketing to identify and optimize the solutions

  • Smart segmentation for better marketing efforts

  • Customize the email marketing tool to make it in sync with your brand’s image

The Pricing

Check out detailed pricing for Sendinblue tool pricing here

White Label Reputation Management Tool

As a digital marketing agency, managing and protecting the reputation of your clients is pivotal. Reputation management is a service that works towards influencing your client’s brand’s image in front of the target market. Here are a few white label tools for agencies that you can use to enhance their reputation. 

16. Vendasta

This white label marketing software helps monitor and manage reviews in real-time. It helps the user access the reviews immediately so that they can respond accordingly. This can, in turn, enhance their business and provide them with desired outcomes.

Attending feedback and reviews in real-time can improve their acquisitions and enhance their reputation. You can include this as part of your reputation management service to increase the acquisitions and improve the retention of your customer.

The Key Features

  • Track and monitor reviews from over 100+ platforms

  • Conduct a competition analysis to realize the outcomes

The Pricing

It is priced at $499 per month. 

17. GatherUp

One of the finest white label tools for agencies, Gatherup has been designed to help businesses manage their reputation through an online review engine that looks for customer feedback and reviews. It helps capture the insights and empower the marketing efforts.

There are videos and documentation that can help you understand how to build the engine in the website for real-time reputation management. It also helps with translating reviews into effective social media content.

The Key Features

  • Built by marketers for the marketers with the features and updates they need

  • Responsive and attentive support team that resolves all queries

  • Organized reports that help with decision-making efforts

The Pricing

If you want to invest in the white label tools, you should connect with their team here.


In this article, we discussed the white label software that benefits digital marketing agencies. We answered the question — why you should invest in white label software solutions. We also discussed the top white label tools for the different categories that can help enhance your business model and improve the marketing outcomes.

Depending on your business requirements, you can choose any of the above white label marketing software. If you are looking for white label chatbot, WotNot is your answer to your search. 

If you plan to implement chat workflows on your customers' websites, you can connect with us for the subscriptions, features included, and the available white label plans. 

Our team will extend complete support and resolve queries as and when required. Connect with our team to schedule a demo.

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