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A Complete Guide to White Label SMS Marketing

October 21, 2022

Bhavyadeep Sinh Rathod

Content Editor, WotNot

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SMS is one of the underrated and underused channels that can guarantee maximum reach and attention for businesses. It helps brands reach their target markets when the handheld devices are in user’s hands.

The increased deliverability and open rates conclude that this form of marketing has great potential.

  • At least 70% of customers opt-in to receive messages from brands (Simpletexting)

  • At least 60% of the customers will read the message within seconds of receiving it (g2.com)

Looking at the numbers and the unmatched potential of the SMS marketing, it has become important for businesses to use this strategy.

White label SMS marketing software can help you incorporate SMS marketing into your digital marketing offering.

In case you aren’t planning to add SMS marketing as a service, you can offer the tool to your clients.

You can customize these white label digital products with your brand elements, and resell it to businesses interested in this marketing strategy.

This guide will take you through the importance of white label SMS marketing software, the must-have features, and the top tools to consider. 

What is Whitelabel SMS Marketing?

White label SMS marketing is a type of SMS marketing service that allows businesses to rebrand and resell SMS messaging services under their own brand name.

With white label SMS marketing, a third-party SMS service provider handles the technical aspects of the SMS messaging service, such as message delivery and opt-in/opt-out management, while the reselling business focuses on building and maintaining client relationships.

This approach allows businesses to provide SMS marketing services to their clients without the need for significant investment in infrastructure or technology. White label SMS marketing services can be customized to meet the specific needs and preferences of each reselling business and their clients.

8 Reasons to Go for Whitelabel SMS Marketing

Whether you want to resell or use them to improve your service offering, white label SMS marketing comes with several benefits that improve your customer’s user experience and enhance their bottom lines.

Let’s discuss the major reasons why you should invest in white label SMS marketing.

1. Expand Offerings

When you choose a white label SMS marketing platform, you add value to your bouquet of services. You can use it to help your clients with their SMS marketing.

You can always resell the tool to your users if you don’t want to provide the service as part of your key offerings. Either way, you can add a new product/service to your company’s existing lines.

2. Leverage the Provider’s Expertise

The provider, who has developed the tool, is an expert in this field. Along with the white label SMS marketing software, you also get their expertise.

The product provider would be well-versed in SMS marketing strategies and can help your client identify ways to enhance the experience through proper strategies. This can help your clients plan their marketing strategies and increase their conversions. 

3. Less Time to Market

With a white label SMS marketing platform, you can create a tool that carries your brand elements and is customized to meet your unique requirements. You don't need to build the tool from scratch.

As a result, you can launch this tool into the market before your competition. You can choose SMS-specific features to help your customers improve their marketing capabilities. 

4. Add a New Revenue Stream

By reselling a white label SaaS tool for SMS marketing or implementing it as part of your service offering, you have a new source of income. You can provide this service to users who need SMS marketing capabilities or services.

If your customer wants to manage the SMS marketing on their own, you can sell the tool and add it to your sales. 

5. Save Time and Resources

If you had to plan SMS marketing for your customers, you would have to do it from scratch. However, this tool can improve your marketing efforts while saving time and resources.

This tool ensures you don't need to hire new resources or a team to manage the marketing requirements posed by your customer’s business.

6. No Experience Required

As it has been devised by an expert in the field of SMS marketing, you will notice that the tool can be easily used by everyone.

The low/no code helps you customize the tool to suit your requirements to enable better SMS marketing services for your customer. You don't need to work on strategies or SMS content from scratch. 

7. Setup Your Pricing

You can design your price when you invest in a white label SMS marketing platform. You can create separate pricing plans to resell the tool in sync with the features you plan to offer.

The white label marketing software also allows you to customize the pricing for your SMS marketing services.

8. Easy and Fast Setup

If you plan to use the SMS marketing white label platform for your digital marketing solutions, you don't need to worry about setting up the tool. You can easily get started with the tool, as most are easy to set up and use.

Top 8 Features in White Label SMS Marketing Platform

The features play a pivotal role in selecting the white label SMS marketing software. They should help manage the different marketing tasks such as scheduling the messages and quick send.

You should gain complete flexibility concerning features when you choose the software. Here are a few non-negotiable features for the white label SMS marketing tool you plan to purchase.

1. Fully Customizable

As it is a white label text message marketing tool, it should allow you to add your brand elements. You should be able to replace the brand’s elements with yours, which includes the logo and colours. It will help you resell the tool to the concerned market.

2. Bulk Texting

Bulk messages are pivotal to SMS marketing strategy. For example, retailers can use this to send out a message to their target market about an upcoming sale or new store opening. It ensures maximum reach.

Bulk texting is a pivotal feature as it offers better brand visibility and chances of immediate conversion. 

3. Keywords

The white label text message marketing tool includes keywords that help organize the SMS and induces action. When you combine the text message keyword with the shortcode, you can ensure your client’s customers take action.

These keywords can help you prepare the client’s SMS marketing in a more focused manner. 

4. Workflow Builder

Akin to Email marketing, SMS marketing also includes workflows. You can create a welcome SMS series or other SMS marketing series for your clients using the workflow builders.

This will automate most text messages and free your clients from the mundane task of sending a message manually. 

5. Scheduled Messaging

If your customer wants to schedule their text messages for a later part of the day, it should be possible with the tool you purchase. Scheduled messaging allows the business to reach its customers at the right time and place to increase the open and action rate. 

6. Reporting

Get complete insights into your client’s SMS marketing outcomes. Choose the analytics KPIs that are important and monitor them with the reports. They give key insights and help your clients with decision-making. 

7. Contact Management

Segment and manage the contacts of your clients for better and targeted SMS marketing. This feature will help your clients know which customers are ready-to-convert and the ones need some more nurturing.

8. Two-way SMS

The white label SMS marketing software helps the platform connect with users and vice versa. The outbound bots, for instance, allow your client’s customers to chat with your client’s sales, support and marketing team using shortcodes and specific keywords.

It helps boost conversational marketing. This will in turn improve the conversions for your client.

How to Setup Pricing for Your Whitelabel SMS Marketing?

If you plan to resell white label text messaging marketing platform, you need to decide on the pricing. The right price structure and breakdown can help the customers know if they should purchase it.

This can pose a challenge, especially if you don't know how to start. We will take you through the top considerations to set fair and competitive pricing. 

1. Check Out Your Competition

If you research the competitor’s SMS marketing tool’s pricing and features, you will know how to price your tool. To study the competition, you should study their target audience, features and positioning.

It will help you identify the best pricing methods to attract your clients and make them purchase the product. 

2. Offer Price Breaks Based on Volume

When reselling a white label SMS marketing software, you should offer pricing plans based on the volume of SMS your customer is likely to send. For example, there would be clients who send a few thousand in a month.

On the other hand, there would be clients who thrive on bulk SMS marketing. By dividing the plans by volume, you can offer a better advantage to the clients. 

Considerations for Choosing a Whitelabel SMS Partner

Choosing the right white label SMS marketing partner for your business needs is important. They would have the requisite expertise, and you can leverage their knowledge while building the strategy for your clients.

At the same time, after reselling, they will help your clients with the required tech support. Here are a few pointers that can help you make the right decision.

1. Coverage

Do they cover the geographies to which you offer text message marketing service? For example, if you are a global digital marketing service provider, you need a white label text message marketing tool that can help you deliver globally.

You cannot choose a local or someone with national coverage to handle your global SMS marketing.

2. Account Management

As a digital marketing services provider, you would handle several accounts simultaneously. It requires a white label marketing tool that can capably handle multiple accounts and SMS marketing campaigns from a single place.

You should check if the SMS marketing tool is easy to use. Does it offer a smooth onboarding? Will it automate the major aspects of text message marketing? If you feel the tool does all these tasks and helps you manage multiple clients, you can go ahead with the same.

3. Price Structure

What kind of pricing structure do they offer? Do they have credit-based pricing? If you want to send 100 messages as part of bulk SMS, do you need to have specific credits in your account?

The other pricing strategy is per-SMS pricing. In this, you would be charged for every SMS you send your client’s user on their behalf.

4. Encryption

Safety is pivotal when sending data to the target market. It is important to encrypt the numbers and messages to protect your client’s customers' privacy. When looking for a white label SMS marketing partner, you should look for encryption and other security features.

9 Major Players in White Label SMS Marketing

We discussed what to consider when choosing the white label SMS marketing partner for your business. The market is growing to be competitive, with several players vying for the top spot.

It has increased confusion about which player is the best fit for their needs. Let’s take you through the top players offering a competitive edge with their white label solutions. 

1. WotNot

WotNot's white label SMS marketing tool helps with proactive conversational marketing. It can help build workflows, manage conversations and improve text message marketing for your clients. They provide fully customizable SMS marketing software, where you can choose the features and the pricing structure.

2. Respond.io

Respond.io is engineered to support text message marketing for sales, marketing, and support teams. The clients can manage all their SMS marketing tasks from a single place. It is easy to set up and use. You can use the tool to frame inbound, outbound, and bulk text messages for your clients. 

3. SimpleTexting

This leading white label text message marketing software helps build simple and effective marketing campaigns for your client’s customers. This white label tool allows you to send bulk messages on your client’s behalf. It also helps with two-way conversations. The tool also offers complete insights into text message marketing outcomes. 

4. Trumpia

Trumpia is a white label SMS automation tool that offers complete customization and pricing flexibility. You can purchase this Whitelabel tool wholesale and set your own pricing to sell it. It helps with mass texting and offers a range of benefits that enhance the conversational marketing abilities of your clients. 

5. Textmunication

Whether you want to send bulk messages on your client’s behalf or provide them with SMS automation software to manage workflows, this is the apt tool. It helps customize the features and branding elements to suit your business requirements. It helps scale your marketing efforts so that you can add additional services to your clients. 

6. EZTexting

SMS has faster and better reach, and you can provide your customers with this outcome by investing in this white label text message marketing software. The tool helps manage contacts, create workflows, and improve your client’s text message marketing efforts. It offers all the must-haves and advanced features to enable better SMS marketing. 

7. Sell SaaS

Sell SaaS is a fully-customizable white label SMS marketing tool that can helps identify the lists for your text marketing campaigns. Using features like phone number extractor, you get contact numbers to send your text messages.

They help you identify and segment the contacts for targeted and relevant text message marketing.

This is a leading lead generation white label tool. It offers all the services that can enhance your client’s lead generation capabilities.

The providers will help set up the product and manage the extensions within. It helps improve your revenue generation through reselling. 

8. ClickSend

ClickSend's white label marketing software allows your clients to connect with them through targeted SMS marketing. The users can send, track and even monitor their SMS marketing campaigns.

It is fully customizable, allowing you to choose the features you need to enhance the SMS marketing offering. 

9. ProTexting

ProTexting is primarily suited for healthcare and retail businesses. However, other industries can also use this white label SMS marketing software to improve their text message marketing strategies.

It is fully customizable and comes with a group texting feature. It also provides complete analytics of text message marketing for better outcomes. 


We discussed the importance of SMS marketing and white label text message marketing software to improve your client’s businesses. It is inevitable for businesses to think of SMS marketing to improve their visibility and get users to take action.

However, not all marketers are experts in this niche. You need white label SMS marketing tools to support your endeavor.

WotNot is an exceptional SMS marketing white label tool that you can purchase and resell to your customers. With easy customizations and flexible pricing, you can even use it to offer SMS marketing services to your customers.

If you want to purchase the license or discuss the possibilities, contact us or schedule a demo.


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