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40 White Label Reseller Programs That Are Totally Worth It

November 1, 2022

Bhavyadeep Sinh Rathod

Content Editor, WotNot

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White label reseller services are popular for reasons like providing:

  • Higher profit margins

  • Lower manufacturing and hiring expenses

  • Quality and customized services

And since you have begun to read this blog, it means that you are interested in knowing more about white label reseller companies. You might have heard about the benefits of white label SaaS services, but are you aware about how challenging it is to choose a right white label reseller service for your company?

Here are several risks involved like:

  • Security threats (data leakage)

  • Zero or low results as per its price

  • Choosing a wrong product/service as per your business requirements

  • Investing without knowing all the details about the white label SaaS reseller companies

The only practice that can save you from all these hazards is – searching and knowing every detail about a white label reseller company before investing.

But even that would be too time consuming right? Don’t worry we have you covered there.

In this blog, we are going to provide you a list of 40 white label SaaS reseller platforms. For each reseller program, we have mentioned all the necessary details like:

  • What product/service do they provide in their white label reseller program?

  • What are the key features of their product/service?

  • How secure is their product/service?

  • What other benefits do they provide?

  • What is their USP?

And much more…

This blog will help you to choose the best white label reseller company as per your niche and necessities.

40 White Label Reseller Companies

1. WotNot

With the invention of chatbots, jobs of customer service reps have become much more efficient. Along with elevating customer support, chatbots also help to:

  • Automate lead generation

  • Improve brand experience

  • Generate QR tickets

  • Answer all account related queries

  • Automate incident creation

  • Drive more sales with user engagements and promotional coupon

  • Provide multilingual solution to queries

  • Review chats in real-time

Now, most people have a misconception that building a chatbot with all these benefits is a hassle, but it is not!

Contrary to popular belief, it does not require hours of coding!

With platforms like WotNot, you can build chatbots quickly and easily. WotNot is a popular white label reseller chatbot company offering unmatched chatbot building capabilities. You can resell the different types of chatbot for different client requirements at your own price under your company's label.

Key Features

  • Build no-code inbound and outbound bots on multiple channels

  • Seamlessly integrate apps into the bot builder

  • Access live chat by bot

  • View all insights on your dashboard

  • Use auto layout and version management features to save your efforts

  • Analyze real time performance with KPIs

  • Get weekly reports and analyses

  • Receive engagement data

  • Get detailed information of the all the visitors from multiple channels

  • Offer timely responses with Service Level Agreement timer feature

2. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign provides white label marketing automation and CRM suite for businesses. It is a popular name for providing complete automation in marketing.

Key Features

  • Provide complete automation in marketing

  • Get all the automation tools with the white label SaaS reseller service

  • Customize integrations as per customer’s need

3. SEMRush

Semrush is a well-known name and leading platform for SaaS marketing services. It has more than 55 marketing tools and products. It provides white label reseller program too.

Key Features

  • Relevant keyword search tools

  • Analyze website’s traffic

  • Track performance of your website in real time

  • Access 43 trillion + backlinks for better link building

  • Keep a report of competitor's site

4. Simvoly

If you are looking for a SaaS platform that lets your customers build websites and funnels to grow our client base, then Simvoly is the ideal platform.

Key Features

  • Provide easy-to-use CRM to your customers to enable them with features like segmenting, tagging, and organizing their website users 

  • Offer Simvoly’s 500+ templates to your customers to build or create websites, pages, funnels, blocks, and pop-ups. (You can also accommodate them by creating templates for different functions)

  • Provide tailored experience along with different pricing plans for individual customer

  • Enable/disable Simvoly’s features and functionalities as per your choice or customer’s plan

5. SocialPilot

SocialPilot is a leading social media management tool that provides white label reseller programs. It is fully customizable as per your customer’s requirement.

Key Features

  • API integration

  • Bulk post scheduling

  • Social media inbox for various channels

  • Social media calendar

  • Personalization

  • Access controls

6. Howuku

Howuku is a conversion optimization tool. With its white label partnership, business owners can resell this tool at their price. It helps SaaS owners and digital marketers to build a better ranking website. Following are some major features that end customers can leverage.

Key Features

  • Enable heatmap visualization to have an account of scrolling activities, traffic source, etc.

  • Analyze visitor’s behavior

  • Test different versions of your website before finalizing one

  • Collect inputs in on-site surveys

  • Customize website content as per required

7. Clinked.com

Clinked is a white label SaaS software offering secure and hassle-free data sharing, communication, and collaboration. It provides a variety of software such as partner portal, virtual data room, collaboration, project management tools, etc.

Key Features

  • Get real-time updates of every activities happening in the portal

  • Take audit trails

  • Create duplicate groups easily

  • Search any file with relevant keyword

8. AgencyAnalytics

This is entirely a white-labeled reporting platform which you can resell as your own tool at your own decided prices. You can monitor and get reports of the marketing campaigns of your customers.

Key Features

  • Automated reports

  • Fully customizable

  • Integrated with popular digital marketing channels

  • Helpful SEO tools

9. Weblium

Weblium is a white label SaaS software. It is helpful in getting your customer’s websites live in minutes. It helps in growing the website's bottom line faster.

Key Features

  • Easy to use

  • Enables collaboration

  • Fully customizable

  • Resell at your own rate

10. Unlayer

Creating a well-structured and attractive email is necessary to pitch the right people for the business or to maintain long-term relations with them. However, the perfect email writing skill is often time-consuming, but not when you have Unlayer.

As a white label reseller company, Unlayer offers you a service where you can provide your customers the power of creating impressive and on-point responsive emails and landing pages under your brand’s name.

The best part is that it is just a matter of minutes! This will also save your customer’s time without compromising on the quality of the email. Plus, it will also reduce the charges your customers had to pay to hire designers and developers.

Unlayer takes less than 5 minutes to become compatible with your application.

Key Features

  • Enable your customers to create perfect emails and landing pages by using easy features like easy-to-use drag and drop editor

  • Provide advanced features like countdown timers, carousels, and team collaboration

  • Offer hassle-free way of creating emails with pre-designed HTML email templates 

  • Create your own email editing tools

  • Flexible for development

11. AuthorityLabs

Finding a platform providing promising SEO-based services is tough, but AuthorityLabs can reduce that hassle to zero. Plus, they have white label reseller program which means you can sell their tool under your brand name and with your prices.

Key Features

  • AuthorityLabs allows monitoring SEO performance of the campaigns being run

  • It provides reliable keyword data with the percentages 

  • Eases exploring organic keywords

  • Automating local and mobile rank tracking is made easy to collect daily insights

  • As it provides white labeling services, you can make this solution of your own and help your customer’s track their SEO campaigns

  • Prepare your customer's report as per their customization

12. Sendible

Importance of social media in our lives doesn't need a stat or an explanation to prove it. People often struggle building a great audience base and fetching engagement from the social media platform due to increasing competition.

You can help your customers to grow their audience, engage more people on social media, and attract more leads from social media platforms by Sendible white label platform.

Key Features

  • Add or edit the brand’s colors, use their own web domain, and even adjust email notifications

  • Ease management of multiple clients along with their accounts with individual dashboards

  • Provide excellent user experience by integrating your own apps and tools  

  • Prepare a branded presentation and show customers about the success of their social media activities

  • Enable your customers to connect their profiles securely with Sendible without the need of sharing any passwords 

  • Get expert and experienced advice from Sendible and provide best services to your customers

13. Ecwid

Ecommerce stores are a popular and promising way to start any business. However, building an Ecommerce store is not always easy. It needs planning, back-end operations, and much more.

As it is a white label SaaS reseller, you can offer Ecommerce store building with your brand name and your prices. Your customers can easily use your services and build their own Ecommerce store.

This service is available for SaaS platforms, site builders,  agencies, hosts, etc.

Key Features

  • Ecwid maintains, updates, and supports the online stores made under your brand

  • Reset prices as per your choice

  • Manage our customer’s accounts with one central dashboard 

  • Use a secured and Ecwid hosted cloud solution

14. SalesPype

SalesPype is a perfect CRM software for businesses that wish to maintain their client relationships.

You can resell the platform to marketing agents, consultants, enterprise clients, etc., and make good profit.

Key Features

  • Onboard unlimited users

  • Enable easy customization of UX and UI

  • Build a custom domain

  • Create custom customer plans as per their goals

  • Secure payment processing with built-in payment feature

15. Rankur

Manage and monitor every online activity like digital media insights, social media management, etc. It provides white label reseller company to provide all its service under your brand.

Key Features

  • Rebrand Rankur’s software using your domain name, brand label, and brand logo

  • Enroll real-time monitoring

  • Save time of doing unlimited searches 

  • Manage your customer’s team,platforms, and accounts

  • Customize software as per your customer’s needs

  • Enable high-end expertise of Rankur to save your customer’s digital reputation

  • Prepare reports for your customers 

  • Receive intelligent edit alerts via Rankur’s emails 

  • Enable your customers to discover best online platforms and top influencers 

  • Take help from Ranger's live support whenever you require

16. Vendasta

Vendasta provides white label software services and is a marketplace of various digital solutions to enable partners to sell the solution as their own tool. It includes social media management tools, search marketing, creating websites, and online reputation management.

Key Features

  • Supports a variety of digital marketing tools along with business growth tools

  • Provides SEO intelligence, marketing automation, dynamic CRM, etc.

  • Requires a single login to use all the services and tools

Do you know: The base of Vendasta is also white-labeled platform which offers a variety of marketing and sales benefits like marketing automation, assessment tools, CRM, snapshot reports, etc.

17. Alpha Point

Cryptocurrency is no longer a secret. We all know it will hail upon the financial markets in future. Managing cryptocurrency is a task for many due to lack of proper knowledge or a secure management option.

Here, you can help your customers to operate a cryptocurrency exchange along with creating and managing their security token with blockchains. How? With Alpha Point’s white label reseller program.

Key Features

  • It provides a backend solution to remove all the technical barriers from organizations to let them do crypto exchange without any hassle

  • It keeps security in the center to keep your customer’s cryptocurrency safe

  • It has various safety protocols and multi-layered architecture for complete security

  • It supports KYC, AML, and other necessary services

  • It enables a complete token ecosystem via tokenization

  • It supports different investment strategies in cryptocurrency

  • It enables easy token creation from any virtual asset class

18. AppInstitute

Building apps is time-consuming and hard to develop when one is not sure what they want. With AppInstitute’s white label app builder, you can build apps for your customers to save their time and efforts. With helpful features and amazing benefits, this platform can make your brand extraordinary as an app builder company.

Key Features

  • Use drag and drop feature to place the app elements easily

  • You can view the app and even make changes like adding your logo, brand color, etc., as the dashboard is unbranded

  • Makes it easy for anyone to build an app 

  • Requires no tech or coding skills

  • Includes sales materials such as promotional videos or infographics

  • The dashboard is unbranded so clients can view the app and make changes within the app builder

19. Flywheel

Flywheel is a web host provider offering a white label hosting option.

So, if you wish to use their white label reseller service then you have two options:

  • Either sign up or the freelancer plan. It will enable you to host 10 websites.

  • Or you can opt for the agency plan which provides unlimited website hosting.

Key Features

  • Create service packages and bill clients with customized client subscriptions

  • Provide different price plans like paying monthly, quarterly, or annually

  • Send invoices with your brand’s name

20. Dash Clicks

DashClicks is a project management software useful for digital marketing agencies, freelancers, and enterprises. They are a white label software reseller company which means you can name the tool with your brand and provide project management services to your customers.

Key Features

  • It streamlines and organizes the tasks for employees as well as customers 

  • Provides a central location for tracking different digital marketing leaps like SEO, Google ads, Facebook promotions, onboarding website design etc.

  • Create custom-branded agency websites, generate various reports in real time, and much more in just a few minutes with its in-built tools

  • Enables all time support and knowledge sharing through videos and blogs to understand the platform and its features better

21. 3dcart

3dcart is one of those white label digital products that provides an ecommerce store builder. They provide white label reseller services to help you resell their tool with the best plan.

Key Features

  • Enables quick customization of eCommerce platform for your customers

  • Setup your own pricing and sell the 3d Cart tool under your brand name

  • Customize price plans as per your customer’s requirements

22. SEO Reseller

SEO Reseller as the name suggests provides a variety of SEO services to engage customers and improve business’s rankings. SEO Reseller provides white label reseller service by which you can use all its functionalities for your customers and sell it as your brand’s tool. You can even set the prices according to your customer base.

Key Features

  • Real time lead tracking

  • Organic link acquisition

  • Website audits

  • Reliable keyword research

  • On-page optimization

23. Netpeak Spider

Netpeak Spider is an SEO crawler to perform regular SEO audits, analyze systems, and search issues quickly. You can expertize the report in PDF format where you can add your logo and add resell price if needed while sending it to the customer. All this is possible as the company is a white label reseller which provides following features:

Key Features

  • Checks website with URLs

  • Ensures there is no broken links or other duplicate content or redirects

  • Makes sure that your ranking is not harmed by any external miscellaneous content

  • Resolves issues if found any

24. PageOnePower

If you're looking for a white label reseller company providing link building tools, then PageOnePower is the perfect agency for you.  It provides quality links with reliable results. 

Key Features

  • Checks your website thoroughly

  • Identifies the content of your websites

  • Provides various ways to build clickable quality links

25. Workify

Workify provides three whitelabel reseller programs for SEO services. Here, we are going to talk about one of those white label reseller services - local SEO.

Key Features

  • Tackles Google My Business Signals, on-page SEO, backlinks, citations, and even reviews

  • Offers real-time rank tracking for top five keywords

  • Provides weekly reports

  • Tracks competitors

26. Woorank

Woorank is an SEO white label SaaS tool useful for creating SEO reports. You can rebrand all the reports, data, and services of Woorank as they have white label reseller program.

Key Features

  • Site audits

  • Real time competitor analysis

  • Relevant and reliable keyword research

  • Manage entire SEO strategy

27. Invisible PPC

Invisible PPC provides white label PPC (Pay Per Click) ad management by running ad campaigns on YouTube, Google Ads, Bing, Gmail, etc.

Key Features

  • Reliable keyword research, creates ads, and run ad campaign

  • Automated reports in real time

  • PPC landing page designs and ready-made sales proposal

28. Zopto

This white label reseller company provides SaaS tools to automates the lead building process on LinkedIn. By integrating with Sales Navigator accounts or LinkedIn Premium, companies can filter out their ideal clients.

Key Features

  • Provides categories like industry, size, location, etc., to filter out customers

  • Generates leads on the basis of filled information and your engagement goals

  • Enables you to sell it at your own price and give it your brand’s name

  • Customize the services as per client’s requirements

  • Provide individual dashboards to clients to see the engagements

29. 99 Dollar Social

99 Dollar Social provides daily content for Twitter and Facebook pages. It provides white label reseller services by which you can sell their services under your company’s name.

Key Features

  • Complete support of the Dollar Social team

  • Runs research and provides helpful content

  • Matches your niche and requirements with a questionnaire it asks before providing you with content

30. Studio1

Studio1 is a design company that provides white-label service. You can hire their design team for your project and then sell it to your customer at your rate with your company’s logo.

Key Features

  • Provides high quality designs

  • 100% original output

  • Free revisions

  • Provides eBook covers, flyers, infographic, social media banners, websites, blog post images, etc.

31. Ilfusion

As we are aware that video content is in trend and customers demand for marketing videos for the same reason. They get more engagement via videos rather than any other marketing ways.

You might be thinking that it would be costly to hire professionals who are skilled at video making, but guess what, it is not.

With Ilfusion, you can get white label reseller services. They are a video production company who have all the equipment and expertise to serve you the best.

Key Features

  • Resell the videos at your own rate

  • Useful for longer campaigns as well as short videos

  • Created as per client’s requirements to meet their goals

32. Mautic

Mautic is an open source marketing automation platform which automates your marketing game. They are whitelabel reseller company for SaaS solutions. With Mautic, you can install your own server, change the code if you need, and resell it at your own price.

Key Features

  • Send customized emails

  • Create and run real-time reports

  • Set up web forms

  • Manage and get reports of all social media marketing campaigns

  • Monitor engagement count

33. Textbroker

Textbroker provides affordable written content services which you can resell to your customers. This company is a white label reseller company for website content, blog posts, product description, etc.

Key Features

  • Quality content

  • Easy to use features

  • No quantity limits

34. Inbox Army

Inbox Army is a white label email marketing agency which can tailor as per their requirements and goals. The best part is that you can resell it at your convenient price and give it the name of your brand.

Key Features

  • Campaign audits

  • Email marketing strategy

  • Full-service campaign management

  • Customized template production

  • Email coding and design

35. Convrrt

Convrrt is specifically built for providing integration to your own SaaS software. It is a popular white label landing page builder which you can resell at your own price under your company’s name.

Key Features

  • Easily customizable

  • Drag-and-drop functionality to build landing page easily

  • SEO optimized pages

  • Fast load times 

  • Built-in eCommerce site

36. Klipfolio

Klipfolio pleases client interaction with your brand without the need of a third-party. It also provides white labeling service to sell it with your company's anime and prices.

Key Features

  • Generates easy-to-understand custom reports 

  • Identifies key performance indicators 

  • Evaluates statistics

  • Automate report generation

  • Refreshes data regularly

  • Enables full customization

37. Mention

What is the use of all social media campaigns if you don’t know whether people are engaging in it or not. For that you can take help from Mention.

It provides centralized data of all social media accounts and analyzes them on the dashboard for clear visibility. It also provides white label reseller services if you want to resell the tool under your company’s name and set your own prices for it.

Key Features

  • Real-time monitoring of all social media channels

  • Sentiment analysis

  • Precise data monitoring with Boolean alerts

  • Enables emailing automatic reports 

  • Campaign tracking

  • Competitive analysis

  • Crisis management

  • Online reputation management

  • Social media scheduling

  • Analyses of proper time of publishing

38. GreenRope

GreenRope is a CRM which enables resellers to sell it as their own product with their own prices. It has incredible features to level up your marketing, customer service, and sales game.

Key Features

  • Automates marketing

  • Support live chat

  • Email marketing

  • Social media marketing

  • Generates leads

  • Manages website

  • Manages project functions

39. SendinBlue

SendinBlue is a popular email marketing tool which is easy to use. It is an ESP offering white label email marketing tools.

Key Features

  • Match your domain with customizable login and URLs

  • Create templates and share in subaccounts

  • Add your company’s logo and color to the interface

  • Activate/deactivate SMTP, SMS, and Marketing Automation as per customer's need

  • Resell art your own price

40. HootSuite

Manage your customers multiple social media accounts from one platform. How? With HootSuite’s white labeling service. You can resell it under your brand’s name.

Key Features

  • Provides account monitoring to monitor all the activities in real time

  • Enhances team collaboration

  • Reports all the activities in real time from various social media platforms

Wrapping Up

White label reseller program is a key to quick and large profits. No matter in which business you are there are plenty of tools available that you can white label and resell. Here, in this blog, we have mentioned details of resellers providing following white label reselling services:

  • Chatbot development

  • Marketing automation

  • Conversion optimization tool

  • Ecommerce store builder

  • SEO report creation

  • Ad management

  • Content services

  • Email marketing

  • Landing page builder

  • Client interaction

  • Social media analytics

  • CRM tool

  • ESP service tool

If your business deals with any of the above, you can white label any of the respective white label tools mentioned above.

In case, you are looking for white label chatbots, you can choose WotNot. We have a very lucrative white label offer that you won’t be able to turn down.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose your white label tool and start earning your business goals.


Bhavyadeep Sinh Rathod

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