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Top 9 White Label Live Chat Software to Resell in 2024

September 28, 2022

Bhavyadeep Sinh Rathod

Content Editor, WotNot

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Imagine what would happen if you left your customer waiting because your support staff is busy? It would lead to potential loss for your business as customers would move away to competitors. To avoid these scenarios, businesses across the world are using live chat solutions. Due to this, live chat is always high in demand.

Many businesses are looking to cash on this demand by offering live chat solutions to other businesses. However, most businesses give up on this money making idea, as it requires a lot of time, effort, and money.

But what if I tell you that there is a far easier way to cash on this demand? Yes, I am talking about whitelabeling of live chat solutions. So, what exactly is a white label live chat solution? Keep reading this article where we will tell you what white label live chat is, what are its benefits, and which are top 9 white label live chat providers that you can partner with.

What Do You Mean by White Label Live Chat?

White label digital products are anything that doesn’t feature the original seller’s identity. In this case, the white label live chat seller does not include their brand logo or tagline. One can customize it to meet their brand image and sell it to their customers. 

As a white label live chat software partner, you can customize the live chat features as well as pricing to meet your end user’s requirement. You can sell the live chat solution with other products to add value to your customer.

For example, if you are a website developer, adding white label live chat software to your offering list can help deliver value to your customers. This would help you deliver more streams for lead generation and increase the end client’s capabilities.

Why Are Businesses Going Towards White Label Live Chat Software?

White label live chat software can help you improve your client’s communication, streamline their revenue streams, and enhance processes. When you partner with them to provide digital marketing or web development solutions, empowering them with apt communication channels can further increase their bottom lines.

There are several benefits of whitelabeling live chat solutions. Let’s check out a few of them here.

1. Saves Time and Efforts

With white label reseller programs for live chat, you can resell the live chat product in your brand’s name. If you were to build the product in-house, it would cost you a lot of time, effort and money. However, as a reseller, you get the same benefits without investing your resources or money.

2. Additional Revenue Stream

As a digital marketing agency, your sources of revenue will be limited to your offering. However, with white label live chat service, you can add one more source to your income. With the right pricing plans and solutions, you can gain more subscriptions.

3. Value-added Service

When you offer white label live chat service along with the other products/services, you offer more benefits to your client. It helps you attract more clients, and improve your conversions. With this additional solution, you broaden your horizons and get a competitive edge over the others.

4. Excellent Customization Possibilities

With white label live chat, you increase your chances at personalizing the solution to meet the end user’s requirements. You can tailor the live chat to meet unique needs. This will create a positive impact on your end users and help maximize the revenue.

Top 9 White Label Live Chat Software in 2024

The white label live chat segment is growing and becoming competitive. More businesses have joined this space to provide marketers, sales people, and others a free hand to improve their end user’s bottom line and conversion rate.

The most important question is — which is the best live chat software to choose? We have curated a list of the top nine software to help your end users improve their interactions.

This list is long, and if you are in a hurry, we have got a video for you. Here, we have explained the top 5 white label live chat software. For the rest of the white label live software, you can read the piece below.

1. WotNot

WotNot is a leading white label chatbot that also offers white label live chat solution. This solution helps brands with conversational marketing and customer service. It is a robust platform that allows businesses to automate their live chat support, enabling better relationships.

This tool allows your clients to connect with their end users, respond to their queries, and resolve issues in real-time. Overall, you will be able to help your clients be more productive and focused with the live chat solution.  

Key Features of WotNot

  • View live chats in real time from web, WhatsApp, and messenger — all in one place

  • Use Slack Live Chat to manage all live chat conversations straight from Slack

  • Builds a profile of the visitor based on the inputs offered to improve lead generation efforts

  • Helps businesses resolve customer queries in minimal time by routing the conversations to the right team/agent

  • Monitor performance and improve overall business functions by viewing all data related to marketing and support in a single place

2. Sendbird

Sendbird is a leading white label live chat software that will help your clients manage their interactions from a single place. This is a highly usable and user-friendly platform that delivers exceptional experiences.

The reliable and robust backend helps improve user experience. It ensures safe conversations by enabling moderation within the application. You can customize the chat software look and appeal for your customer’s website using the in-built UI toolkit.

Top brands such as Reddit, Paytm and Hinge use Sendbird. You can also join this list to become a leading white label live chat reseller software and use it to increase returns for your clients. 

Key Features of Sendbird

  • Your clients can connect with their users, send messages, and converse even when they are offline

  • Inform prospects and actual users about the latest developments with in-app announcements 

  • Integrate with the API and SDK of all messaging platforms to manage all conversations in a single place

  • An analytics dashboard to monitor key KPIs across channels and users to gain access to real-time insights

  • Whitelisting and encryption capabilities that enable better security.  

3. Userlike

Userlike is a white label live chat software that enhances professional communication with end users. With this software, your clients can personalize your chat support to enable better brand visibility, improve conversations, and boost conversions.

They can manage all support chats from one place and auto-assign agents based on the conversation needs. Using this software, they can connect with their customers on preferred platforms, thus increasing the chances of conversations. 

Key Features of Userlike

  • View chats from WhatsApp, Facebook and other platforms in a single place

  • Complete support available from Userlike team to implement, and run the live chat

  • Auto-assign agent feature helps automate task allocation for increased productivity

  • Customize the look and feel of the chat button and pop-up to match brand needs

  • Forward chats to agents with complete transcripts

4. YoLiveChat

YoLiveChat is an off-the-shelf white label live chat software that can help automate and launch live chat support to improve business visibility. With powerful features and in-built tools, it helps enhance interactions.

With this software, you can gather leads, schedule time for your agents, and collaborate with agents. Not only this, you can also personalize your chat interactions with your logo, branding and other elements for better engagement. It is a highly secure and customisable in-app live chat tool

Key Features of YoLiveChat

  • Create shortcuts to communicate with your users for prompt and immediate responses

  • Comes with a pre-chat qualification form that provides agents with requisite details for better support

  • Real-time visitor monitoring for better understanding of users and improved conversions

  • Users can share their files (images, documents etc. )with the agents in real-time 

5. ApexChat

ApexChat is a white label live chat software that improves user stickiness and user accessibility. You can offer this product in addition to your digital marketing and sales services. It will help improve revenue generation for your clients.

This is a cost-effective solution that helps ensure your clients are productive. With round-the-clock availability, they help mark more conversions. With this tool, your clients will gain better insights into their work as well as key metrics.

Key Features of ApexChat

  • Your clients can use the mobile app to access the live chat dashboard and connect with your agents anytime, anywhere

  • Using AI smart scheduler, the chat solution can help schedule appointments for the end users

  • Capture visitor’s mobile number and details to improve lead generation

  • Connect with people who cannot use their phones for calls via SMS

  • Integrate with messenger apps to connect with your users on preferred platforms

6. Chatagents

Chatagents is a leading white label live chat software that helps you stay accessible and available 24/7. Integrating with your CRM and top tools can help improve marketing and scheduling.

This live chat tool can help improve your business visibility, enhance branding and improve loyalty. It is a cost-effective option that always makes you available to your users. It is used by 400+ businesses 

Key Features of ChatAgents

  • Provides an ROI calculator which allows you to calculate ROI based on new clients and plans subscribed

  • A turnkey solution that enables end-to-end live chat support

  • Off-the-shelf solution that is easy to learn and set up

7. Whitelabelchats

White Label Chats is a top white label live chat software that helps convert your visitors into customers. With 24/7 accessibility and increased visibility, you can ensure better branding, enhance support experiences, and increase lead generation.

Globally, 13k+ customers use this white label live chat software. There have been 1lakh+ deployments across the different platforms. This tool is specifically used for conversational marketing. With proactive involvement, it ensures better responses and quicker resolutions.

Key Features of White Label Chats

  • Customize chat windows to improve business branding

  • Integrates Google Analytics for a detailed understanding of website and chat lead generation

  • Deep real-time analytics that helps insight building for better decision making

  • Define the right metrics for chat routing and assigning

  • It provides multilingual support for users to communicate with agents in their native language

  • Integrates with CRM and social media for quick lead generation and to include them in the pipeline

8. DeskMoz

An unparalleled white label live chat reseller program that ensures no branding is mentioned on the chat tools. The USP of this tool is its flexible pricing that allows complete control on overestimations.

The brand takes care of the infrastructure and team needed to build the chatbot for the business. With a free trial, you can take a test drive of the tool before you decide to become a reseller. The chat support is extensive and helps you resolve your queries immediately. 

Key Features of DeskMoz

  • It is always available and accessible, which helps improve business productivity

  • Professionals trained in support and lead generation capabilities to support you through automation

  • You pay for what you get; no hidden costs

  • Push notifications that help users get real-time updates on new features 

  • Integrates with top CRM such as HubSpot, Sugar CRM and Salesforce to improve lead pipeline

9. Comm100

This white label live chat software helps improve customer support and interactions. You can engage with more customers at the same time. As a reseller, you can improve support, enhance the reputation and build solid visibility.

It is an easy-to-configure and useful tool that lets you connect with the users immediately. This tool is used by 15k+ businesses to enhance live chat and communications. 

Key Features of Comm100

  • This tool uses security layers, and encryption that provides better security and privacy

  • Select your live chat infrastructure- cloud or on-premise

  • Extensive support system that connects you to the team in real-time

  • Integrates with apps like Whatsapp, and Messengers for all in one place chat support


In this article, we saw how white label live chat software can enhance brand visibility and add value for your business. These top nine live chat software have unique and highly competitive features that make them different from others.

You can join the white label live chat reseller program to add more revenue generating streams and offer a unique selling point to your services. It can help you add value to both startups and enterprises.

WotNot offers an excellent live chat software that helps businesses in numerous ways. By joining our white label partner program, you can build a more credible bouquet of solutions for the business.

If you wish to be a part of white label partner program for live chat with WotNot, you can connect with our team. We have excellent programs and personalized solutions that will enable improved revenue streams for your business.


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