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How to Become a Chatbot Reseller in 2023: A Complete Guide

September 23, 2022

Bhavyadeep Sinh Rathod

Content Editor, WotNot

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To sustain in a cut-throat market and grow continuously, businesses are undergoing digital transformation. They are leveraging multiple digital tools to streamline and automate several key operations. Thus, gaining significant benefits that boost their growth.

One such tool that is creating a lot of buzz in the market is chatbot.

Chatbots are personalizing interactions, resolving queries, generating leads, and that too instantly, at scale, and 24x7.

With multiple use cases, they are proving to be a boon for businesses hailing from various industry verticals.

With such advantages, it is a no brainer that there is a huge demand for chatbots. And as we know from the simple rule of capitalism, if the demand is high, people can make quick money by meeting those demands.

But here comes the problem. Many businesses lack the expertise and time to invest in bot building. But what if I tell you that you can sell chatbots without building them?

Yes, this has become possible with the growing phenomenon of chatbot reselling.

As simple as it sounds, reselling bots includes individuals or companies buying a ready made chatbot and then reselling it to their clients.

With the rise of conversational marketing, chatbots have emerged to become an integral part for any business with a website.

Marketing agencies know this fact well and that is why they are leveraging reselling bots that perfectly complement their other offerings like social media management, Facebook ads, etc.

Keep reading this article further where we will discuss in detail how you can become a chatbot reseller to skyrocket your profits.

Reselling vs Whitelabeling: What’s the Difference?

When we talk about reselling, one term that often pops up is white labeling. For most parts, both of these terms are used interchangeably as they are closely related to each other.

However, it does have a few stark differences. The table below shows how reselling differs from white labeling.

Generally speaking, chatbot reselling comes into the picture when an individual is exploring chatbots to offer it as a service to their clients.

Here, they take a ready made chatbot platform and resell it to their clients who build a solution over it. These chatbot resellers earn recurring commissions from each of the clients.

Once the individual vendors see consistent success or are able to resell a significant number of accounts, they plan to invest more in the technology. They plan to do reselling on a scale. This is when they think of branding their services which makes them a white label chatbot reseller.

The same goes for marketing agencies who look for white labeling of chatbot software by putting their brands on it.

Why Should You Become a Chatbot Reseller?

If you are a marketing agency or a tech company that offers software offerings to their clients, then the real question you should be asking yourself is, why not become a chatbot reseller?

Becoming a chatbot reseller is a no-risk, no investment, and high return strategy which every marketing agency or tech company must consider. Plus, it also helps in client retention and adding new revenue streams. Let us deep dive into why you should become a chatbot reseller.

1. Chatbots Are in Demand

The rise in the demand for self-service and automation in lead generation, customer support, and customer engagement is driving the demand for chatbots.

Against this demand, chatbots are delivering big time by continuously evolving to have conversations with customers in a human-like way. Below are some chatbot statistics that will help you to quantify this demand: 

  • 75-90% of queries are estimated to be handled by chatbots in 2022.

  • By 2024, the global chatbot market is estimated to be over $994 million

  • 70% of all white-collar workers will have interactions with conversational platforms daily by 2022.

These are huge numbers, hinting only toward the massive adoption of chatbots. We all have seen such shifts in the past.

Remember in the 2000s, everyone started getting a website. Then in the 2010s, social media became a big thing, and it became essential for businesses to have a social presence.

Similarly, in the 2020s, chatbots will become the next big thing. And many companies already know this fact. That is why 79% of the top-performing businesses already have installed some form of conversational marketing tool.

It is the perfect time to become a white label chatbot reseller and offer a product that the market is demanding.

Customers today want to have direct contact rather than going through the process of filling a form and getting a call.

AI-based chatbots are the go to tools to communicate with customers on digital platforms. They are fast, direct, and responsive. With conversational AI, businesses get a chance to provide a rich consumer experience using instant messaging.

2. Get High Returns From Low Investments

A low investment high returns is a dream investment that everyone wants to have. Reselling bots is exactly that. Here, you just need to invest your time and efforts in building a solution using a ready-available platform.

You can charge a fee for it. Once you get a hang of various solutions that sell, it becomes quite easier to scale to more clients, thereby increasing revenue.

3. Unlock New Revenue Streams

Currently, marketing agencies are limited to offering services like website development, social media management, ads management, etc. This is why they are not able to boost their profits beyond a certain limit.

Reselling bots through a white label partnership opens a whole new revenue stream for them. Adding chatbots to their offerings makes their entire service package lucrative as it offers more value to their clients.

It also gives them the opportunity to target bigger clients.

4. Save Time and Reduce Risk With a Ready to Use Solution

Building a chatbot from scratch takes up a lot of effort and time. When you resell, you save tons of effort and hundreds of hours with a ready to use chatbot solution.

Another major advantage is that you get a tested and proven solution. It means you do not need to test it again. You can directly sell it to your clients without worrying about its success.

5. Leverage Faster Time to Market

Conversational marketing and chatbots are still in its nascent stage. This means that time plays a major role here. White label chatbot gives you the first mover advantage as you can resell chatbots to your clients in minimum time.

In short, the time to market for white label chatbots is extremely less as compared to building it from scratch. Thus, it is highly profitable for anyone to resell ready-made chatbots.

6. Expand Your Customer Base in Quick Time

Generally, marketing agencies spend a lot of time serving their clients due to the nature of their business. As a result, they get low returns for a massive amount of time invested.

With a ready made chatbot, agencies do not need to invest much time in serving a customer. Chatbot reselling allows them to serve a large number of customers in less time. Thus, agencies can expand their customer base in a quick period of time. 

How Much Money Can You Make?

I know many of you are skimmers and stopped right here. And that’s fine, it is obvious that you want to know how much you can make by reselling chatbot. At the end of the day it is the bottomline that would matter.

Reselling chatbots is a huge money-minting opportunity. As industry experts and chatbot enthusiasts, we are putting up some numbers to show you how big of an opportunity we are talking about.

These numbers are derived purely from our experience in the domain of offering complete chatbot development with the platform.

Key Insights

  • If you are reselling chatbots to startups and small businesses, you need to have almost a hundred clients to reach $25,000.

  • Whereas, you can earn the same amount if you are able to resell chatbots to only 25-30 mid-size or enterprise businesses.

However, you must also take into account that converting an enterprise is n times more difficult than converting a small business.

Choose a Business Model

To resell chatbots, you must choose a business model. There are number of factors which you must consider before choosing a business model like:

  • What are you going to sell? Platform or a solution

  • Complexity of what you sell

To resell chatbots, you basically have two business models. Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Monthly Subscription

As the name suggests, in this business model, you offer monthly subscriptions to your customers. They have to pay a monthly price to keep using your white label chatbots.

You can have different monthly subscription packages like basic, premium, and enterprise. Differentiate each package with less or more advanced features or services as per the pricing of that package.

Having more options also means that you are attracting more diverse customers that have different budgets and business needs.

2. Batch of Hours

In your chatbot reselling journey, you will find customers who won’t plan to make many frequent changes in the chatbots. Those customers would just prefer to pay the subscription fee and a one-time cost for any future amendments.

To cater to such customers, you can introduce a “batch of hours” model. This is basically the well-known time & material model.

Here, you would charge customers for a set of hours. So, the total cost would be the total amount of hours required to implement changes or customizations multiplied by the hourly rates.

How to Get Started With Reselling Chatbots?

Now that you have decided to become a chatbot reseller, you just need to get started. But how? Here, we will show you step by step how you can get started with bot reselling.

1. Prepare a deck

The first step is to prepare a visually appealing deck. A deck that entails everything like:

  • The overview

  • The need

  • The opportunity

  • The solution

  • The product 

  • Business model

  • Competition and value

  • Marketing plan

  • Team

  • The finances

The main aim of creating a deck is to leave an everlasting impression on your clients and convince them of the fact that chatbots are on the rise and how it makes sense for them to invest in it. 

2. Create a landing page

A landing page is a must for your reselling business. It is the place where your potential leads will land from an email campaign, ad, YouTube video, and many other sources.

If you are not aware what a landing page is then it is a standalone web page created with a single motive of leading visitors to the call-to-action (CTA). To create an effective landing page, you can follow the below steps:

a. Write a Compelling Copy

The first thing is to crack an eye catchy headline. With an attention span of less than 8 seconds, your headline should be able to catch visitor’s attention.

Ensure that the headline is clear, eye-catchy, and most important relevant to what it will be followed by. The rest of the copy matters too.

Here, you must ensure that you add short and valuable sentences that convey your messages most effectively. Avoid jargon at all costs.

b. Create an Enchanting Call-To-Action

Once the headline and the copy is sorted, move to creating an irresistible CTA button. Ensure it is descriptive and specific.

Visitors must know what to expect when they finally click on that CTA button. Avoid links to other pages, headers, footers, and any other distraction from the CTA.

c. Add Social Proof

As per a recent survey, around 91% of consumers trust online reviews as much as trust personal recommendations. This shows the power of including social proofs. You can add many social proofs like:

d. SEO Optimization

No matter how well you do in the above steps, if you fail here, your landing page won’t perform. SEO optimization makes your landing pages easier to find on search engines by your customers.

While optimizing, you must focus on factors like:

  • Title Tag

  • Meta Description

3. Choose a Chatbot Platform

Choosing a chatbot platform is a crucial step. It is because this decision can make you break your reselling business.

Here, you must choose a chatbot platform with qualities that increase your chances to resell the chatbot. Apart from that there are a lot of factors that you must keep in mind like:

a. Partner-friendly 

Having a partner-friendly chatbot platform is a boon for any white label chatbot reseller. An ideal chatbot partner is the one who always has your back. They should teach you how to build the chatbot and how it works.

They should also be ready to fix issues at the oddest of the hours. Moreover, a partner-friendly platform should offer a lenient pricing that doesn’t put a dent on your budget.

b. Easy to Use

When it comes to chatbot reselling, the “easy to use” factor becomes significant. It is because the easier the platform, the less the time you will spend on it.Thus, they will be able to resell chatbots to more clients. Also, a no-code chatbot builder makes it easy for you to train their employees.

Moreover, you can also easily delegate tasks since the platform is 100% devoid of any type of coding. At last, your customers can also easily make small changes of their own owing to the no-code aspect of the chatbot platform.

c. Account Management

With an increasing number of clients, it becomes difficult to manage all of their accounts. The last thing you would want is to enter passwords to access accounts of all your clients.

This is why it becomes important to choose a chatbot platform that enables seamless and efficient account management.

Here, an ideal chatbot solution would be the one that enables access to all the accounts on a single interface with just one click. 

d. Roadmap

As a white label chatbot reseller, you should invest in a chatbot platform that continuously evolves and listens to its customers.

The best way to find if the chatbot platform is evolving or not is to check if it has a roadmap or not. A roadmap is a detailed plan that includes the updates that the platform is working on, has completed, or is in the pipeline.

A roadmap will give a clear idea as to how robust a chatbot platform is and at what rate it is evolving.

Now that you know how to choose a chatbot platform, here is the list of top 6 chatbot platforms that you must consider for reselling.

  • WotNot

  • Drift

  • Intercom

  • Ada.cx

  • Qualified

  • Ultimate

4. Decide on Solutions to Resell 

As discussed earlier, chatbots can have a myriad of use cases. Hence, it becomes essential to identify the use cases that you would want to offer to your clients.

Here, you must strategize in such a way that you offer use cases having the biggest market potential. This will help you to tap larger markets and make massive profits in no time.

Below we have mentioned some of the major use cases that you can choose for chatbot reselling:

a. Lead Generation Chatbots

You can resell chatbots that help businesses in lead generation. These lead generation chatbots ask relevant questions, qualify leads, and book sales meetings, at scale.

Businesses are more inclined to use bots as a lead generation tool than a traditional lead generation tool since people prefer conversations.

Cash in this demand by reselling your lead generation chatbots to your clients.

b. Appointment Booking Chatbots

Appointment booking chatbots make appointment booking more efficient than ever. It automates the entire process at scale along with eliminating human intervention.

It manages everything from booking, rescheduling, and cancellation of appointments with high speed and zero error. It frees employees from managing appointments, enabling them to work on more important tasks.

c. Customer Support Chatbots

Customer support chatbots offer answers and relevant information to customers without any involvement of any human agent.

They take orders, process user data for lead generation, and access the knowledge base to offer relevant content. These chatbots are available round the clock.

By resolving repeated queries, they enable your support reps to focus on more complex tickets.

d. Optimize Google Ads Conversion

Companies are widely using chatbots to optimize Google Ads conversions. The conversational nature of chatbots significantly increases the conversions rates of leads that land through ads.

Chatbots can be implemented in two ways:

i. Chatbot Landing Page

ii. Widget on a Traditional Landing Page

e. Mix of All

Creating chatbot solutions is not restricted to only one use case. You can combine various use cases and offer various permutations and combinations to your clients as per their business needs.

For example, you can offer a chatbot that offers both Google Ads conversions and lead generation. You can also offer a chatbot with a combination of customer support and appointment booking.

5. Demo

Having everything setup from a deck, landing page, to chatbot solutions is not going to work, if it is not accompanied by a demo.

It is simple human psychology. No matter how much your clients read about your products, they won’t invest in you until and unless they don’t see it with their eyes how the chatbot is actually going to work.

So, the last step is to prepare a demo. Ensure you cover all the chatbot features, functionalities, and scenarios in the demo so that it leaves no scope of doubts for your clients.


Chatbot reselling is for everybody - whether you’re a marketing agency, a SaaS start-up, a tech consultant, a web development agency, or a software company.

WotNot is experienced in partnering with different industries and can cater to your specializations. Considering the growing need for two-way communication channels with customers and companies, the demand for chatbots is growing, and you need methods to address them.

White labeling WotNot is the most reliable and fastest way to fulfill your clients’ demands. So next time you wonder whether you want to white label chatbot, ask yourself, “Do I want to be just a client or an owner?”

And when you get the answer, you can contact us or schedule a demo to get your chatbot reselling journey started with us.


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