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The Best Slack Apps in 2024: The Ultimate List

May 16, 2023

Bhavyadeep Sinh Rathod

Content Editor, WotNot

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The total number of people using Slack daily has exceeded 10 million. At least 43% of Fortune 100 businesses have a premium Slack subscription.

The popularity of this real-time messaging and collaboration platform has increased in the post-Covid-19 era, where remote work is the norm.

However, this also means the growth of several other SaaS tools that can help boost business productivity remotely. Integrations are critical for the best performance of an organization. It can ensure better productivity, increased access and better ways to perform important tasks.

Slack apps are gaining importance owing to the numerous ways the integrations help:

  • Bolster Security

  • Boost Collaboration

  • Enhance Business Efficiency 

A few Slack apps have already captured the market; a few others are competing with them.

In this article, we will discuss the best Slack apps that you can consider to boost your and your team’s productivity.

But before we deep dive into the best Slack apps, let’s have a look at the benefits of Slack applications.

Top 4 Benefits of Best Slack Apps

In today's fast-paced and interconnected workplace, leveraging the power of the best Slack apps can revolutionize the way teams collaborate and communicate. These apps offer a wide range of benefits that empower teams to work smarter, streamline processes, and achieve their goals with ease.

Let's explore some of the top advantages these apps bring to the table.

1. Extended Functionality

Slack apps extend the functionality of the Slack platform by integrating with its core features and offering additional capabilities. 

They offer a wide range of functionalities such as:

  • Task Management

  • File Sharing

  • Project Tracking

  • Analytics

  • Customer Support

Slack apps enhance the Slack experience by adding specialized tools and features that align with team needs. This expands the platform's capabilities and allows customization to meet unique requirements.

2. Improved App Usability

Best Slack apps are those which improve Slack’s usability by a great deal. With these integrations, Slack becomes so much more than just an app to chat. 

These Slack apps result in:

  • Streamlined Workflows

  • Customized Experience

  • Centralized Information

3. Seamless Communication

Integrating third-party Slack apps ensures you never miss any communication. By connecting platforms like Salesforce and email to Slack, you can receive all messages in one place. This consolidation simplifies your workflow, reduces the need to switch between applications, and improves efficiency by allowing you to respond promptly.

4. Better Collaboration

The best Slack apps create an environment of effortless communication, facilitating threaded conversations and seamless integrations. These tools empower teams to collaborate effectively, ensuring everyone can work together towards shared objectives and achieve common goals more efficiently.

11 Best Slack Apps to Have in 2024

As Slack continues to evolve as a leading collaboration platform, its extensive ecosystem of apps plays a vital role in unlocking new levels of productivity, connectivity, and teamwork. In this listicle, we present the best Slack apps of 2024 that have emerged at the forefront of enhanced collaboration.

1. Donut


When the team goes remote, icebreaking with new team members can be difficult. Keeping up with the team management in the changed culture can prove to be tedious. There are no water breaks or coffee breaks where you can discuss the team and beyond.

Donut is one of the best free Slack apps that has been devised to make virtual water coolers and coffee breaks interactive. It fosters the community attitude in the wake of remote culture. It ensures quicker connections and better conversations. You can celebrate everything from birthdays to award ceremonies on this app.

This app reduces the isolation within teams and brings the remote workspace together virtually. 

Key Features

  • Meet with your new or old team members over virtual coffee or donut to rejuvenate the energies

  • Host watercooler chats virtually from anywhere

  • Enable the ability to learn new things and improve the team’s understanding and scope of work virtually

Best for

  • Ice breaking sessions in the virtual environment

  • Leadership and mentoring guidance to help teams grow

2. Loom


When you are collaborating beyond geographies, it can be challenging to help your team understand your vision and design. In such scenarios, you need to ensure that the people are able to comprehend your vision and strategies properly.

The Loom Slack app can help you record videos with the screen on to show them what needs to be done. It helps improve collaboration and takes away the effort from explanations.

With the integration, you can easily share the videos and expand on a particular conversation or thread. This increases the productivity of the team.

Key Features

  • Improves collaboration as you can explain the things clearly to your team members

  • View the Loom video without moving away from the Slack application

  • Integrates with Google Chrome

Best for

  • Training people on what needs to be done

  • Collaborating with team members for quick edits and feedback

  • Explanatory videos for the team

3. WotNot


WotNot is a no-code chatbot platform that allows you to build bots on multiple channels like WhatsApp, web, SMS, and Facebook.

It comes with a no-code bot builder that allows you to build bots without any coding. Apart from the chatbot, they also offer live chat tool.

Recently, they came up with the latest addition to their solution – Slack live chat. This is essentially a Slack integration that will allow you and your team members to manage all live chats directly from Slack.

Key Features

  • Talk to your prospects right from Slack

  • Proactively start conversations on Slack

  • Manage account-based marketing and offer personalized experiences

  • Unlock easier collaboration with Slack

  • Accommodate all your sales team with unlimited seats

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Best for

  • Offering account-based marketing

  • Small businesses using Slack 

4. Polly


Managing remote teams can be challenging. You must have an understanding of how the team’s performing, the issues they are facing, and also know what they need.

Polly makes this work easy and effective. Without moving out of Slack, this integration allows you to connect with your teams and get feedback on issues they are facing.

It can easily help you manage processes and improve the management of operations. You can assist remote teams and maintain your culture with this Slack integration.

Key Features

  • Allows you to create polls for quick feedback

  • Check in with your employees about the time they are available and when they need to take time off

  • Improve resource allocation and project management for better productivity

Best for

  • Mass management of projects

  • Improved internal communication

5. WorkTango


Kazoo, now known as WorkTango, is an incredibly usable Slack app integration that offers a holistic work experience to employees. This platform offers rewards and recognition programs online, which improves employee motivation.

You can get actionable insights using suitable surveys from the right employees. It also enhances your goal setting abilities. This app allows the management to create an employee-friendly environment for better growth and development.

Key Features

  • Empowers the teams to share their meaningful recognition that is worth celebrating

  • Motivates the employees with the right incentives and impactful solutions

  • Access to feedback for better employee benefits

Best for

  • Goal setting and tracking

  • Creating surveys and measuring the results

  • Employee reward and recognition

6. is a leading Slack integration app that allows you to manage workflows, enhance business processes and improve resource allocation. It allows you to delegate tasks and enhance project management capabilities to boost productivity.

You can easily customize the workflows to meet your unique business needs. It can also streamline the processes and tools to maximize productivity.

With this integration, users can get messages and notifications within the Slack app.

Key Features

  • Stay up-to-date with your notifications in Slack

  • Add updates to existing items directly from Slack ensuring nothing falls between the cracks

Best for

  • Transparency across projects and employees

  • Incorporating agile project management

  • Delegating tasks efficiently

7. Favro


Work management in a remote environment can be tedious. This is especially true if your workflows are complex and you have a large team. Favro can help you manage the work seamlessly. It helps bring together work, teams and the goals you have defined in a single place.

The Favro Slack integration will ensure that your teams are connected without moving from Slack. They will receive all the actionable insights, and get most of the real-time notifications in Slack. This will help teams collaborate, make quick decisions, and improve the business outcomes. 

Key Features

  • Excellent planning board available in Slack

  • Create notifications for Favro tasks so that you don't miss them

  • Create channels for important Favro tasks

Best for

  • Tracking your team’s productivity

  • Managing different tasks efficiently

  • Collaborating over issues or management related discussions for the tasks

8. Hive


Staying organized and keeping all your folders in place during remote working is important. Everything happens virtually and over the cloud. Hive can help employees and managers stay organized in the cloud. It will ensure that the teams are aware of the smallest correction made in the tasks without visiting the boards.

You can move files from Hive to Slack without any effort. In case you receive new work while in Slack, you can move it into the task board without moving out of Slack. The comfort and convenience of working around Slack help improve the productivity of the teams.

Key Features

  • Excellent visualization and collaboration tools for quick sync

  • Quick workflow creation and approval

  • Create tasks from Slack when you receive notifications

Best for

  • Improving workflows and efficiency

  • Team collaboration

  • Visualizing complex workflows

9. Geekbot


Operating in different geographies can be cumbersome as you will find it difficult to work synchronously. Either party will need to wait till the other’s time zone for work to start before you can schedule a meeting. However, Geekbot makes this easy for the teams. It allows teams to easily work in different time zones without impacting the quality of work.

You can send out daily reports, have quick stand ups or create surveys to set up meetings and official collaboration timelines. 

Key Features

  • Collect the information and surveys from your team members and collate it to create reports

  • Get all schedules and reports in Slack

  • Provides you sales reports and feedback surveys in Slack, ensuring you never miss a meeting

Best for

  • Async collaboration between the team members

  • Productivity in different time zones

10. Slido


This community and help center answers your team’s questions and resolves their issues. You can integrate this app with Slack to ensure all queries are resolved without moving out of the app. It will recreate the open-door policies that are available in the offline work environment, virtually. This will allow employees to be interactive and companies to be more proactive.

Slido allows collaboration between employees across geographies. If you use this question book before a meeting, you would know what everyone is interested in, and can use that to base your meetings. 

Key Features

  • Know what people are interested in before starting the meetings to make it productive

  • Improve collaborations between teams with virtual open door policies

Best for

  • Managing teams and ensuring quick work

  • Ensuring productive meetings

  • Inspiring transparency in the teams

11. StatusHero


Most times organizations have meetings only because there isn’t another way to collate information and know your employees better. With Statushero, you can avoid these unnecessary meetings, and ensure quick connection with your employees async.

This Slack integration app will help you know your employees better. It can collect information from the employees in real-time and ensure better outcomes. 

Key Features

  • Get daily progress reports about the work done and status of the projects

  • Create reports regarding the individual projects from the application

Best for

  • Collating information regarding projects and employees

  • Employee feedback


Slack app integration can enable teams to communicate and collaborate in virtual environments. It is one of the popular ways to ensure you don't miss any messages or notification. 

It can help you with:

  • Collating information

  • Get actionable insights

  • Manage live chat

  • Manage productivity

And the best part, all this without carrying out unnecessary meetings or standups. It increases the overall agility, communication ability, and collaboration of the companies. 

Choose the right Slack app integration for your business that can further productivity and enhance the capabilities of the organization.

If you are looking to manage your live chat through Slack, check out our Slack live chat integration. For more information, contact sales or schedule a demo.


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