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Top 10 Chatbot Development Companies in the World [2024]

July 5, 2022

Hardik Makadia

CEO, WotNot

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The concept of chatbots is no more a unique technological advancement in the market, but the rise and establishment of chatbot development companies is something to look forward to.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the automation sector boomed across all industries, especially the customer support segment. As a result of this, chatbot development companies boomed the most as they directly helped all businesses in automating the interactions with their technology. Also, being useful in marketing for lead generation was another factor the demand for this technology sky-rocketed.

So, obviously, businesses worldwide are looking to automate their interactions at scale via a chatbot. But the question arises, how to get a chatbot? 

Should you choose a chatbot development company or create a chatbot by your own? Well, the answer depends on several factors. But don’t worry, you don’t need to go through all the nitty gritty.  

Keep reading this article, where we will talk about the reasons why it is a wise choice to work with a chatbot development company to build your chatbot than going your own way.

Also, we have shortlisted the top 10 chatbot development companies in the world that offer these services to businesses.

Why Hire Chatbot Development Companies to Build Chatbots?

Chatbots are ubiquitous to modern-day users, and companies are now looking to leverage this advantage by getting one on their websites. However, implementing a chatbot involves more than just programming it, especially since each one is like a character with different ways of conversing that can respond to basic questions as well as more complex actions based on rich content (e.g., images).

This makes them vital components that require specific writers, chatbot designers, and people who are intimately familiar with the technology in order for the chatbot universe to come alive.

Usually, due to this skill gap, companies tend to implement chatbots using the ready-made templates available on the chatbot platforms or try to build a conversation flow from scratch with a poor conversion rate.

If we look at this task from another angle, for example, the best-case scenario with a new project in an unknown field is to have a mentor who reviews and polishes your ideas using their expert knowledge.

So, going by this if you are not familiar with chatbot development then hiring chatbot development professionals to help in building your chatbots is the right way to go, isn’t it? What better way to go than to have a chatbot development company taking care of the design and development of your chatbot for you. One may argue that even freelancers could do the job, however,  working with a company according to defined processes in a disciplined manner would be a better way to execute quality results on time.

Chatbots have become a buzzword today. ChatGPT’s extreme popularity has made the entire world interested in chatbots. This interest is now being translated into astonishing-looking chatbot statistics. According to Statista, the chatbot market size is forecasted to touch 1.25 billion USD by 2025.

From our experience of being in this industry for so long, here are some reasons why you should consider hiring a chatbot company to build your chatbot.

Product Knowledge

Knowing the ins and outs of the product is really important because this helps define the scope of what the chatbot is set out to do. Usually, freelancers say yes to all your requirements to get selected and when the time to deliver comes, they come up with common excuses like “This is not possible or feature not available”. 

Time to Execution

As a natural extension of their expertise, chatbot development companies have established processes and checklists for project management. The best in the industry know exactly what to do when to do it, and how to do it – so you can trust them to get your project done on time and within budget.

Fewer Iterations, More Results

Chatbot development companies usually have a lot of experience. They've completed many different projects for chatbots for different clients before ever agreeing to work with you, so this means they're much more likely to create flow charts that you're satisfied with. Thereby, delivering you the desired results with the least iterations.

Looking for such chatbot development companies?

Well, we’ve made it easy for you with this curated list below.

Top 10 Chatbot Development Companies to Look Out for

1. WotNot

WotNot is a no-code chatbot development company that offers a powerful chatbot platform to create both simple and advanced AI-based customized chatbots. Unlike other chatbot platforms, they also offer a professional done-for-you service, where their team understands your requirements and builds your chatbot.

Being an early provider of conversation design services, they have developed expertise in designing and building tailor-made conversational experiences for several customers by delivering over 3000+ projects.

In addition to this, custom integrations with internal systems and APIs is a value-add they offer to truly build custom chatbots for your business.

HQ: Austin, Texas

Team size: 51 - 200

Project costs: Starts at $10,000/yr


  • Dedicated conversation design team that gathers your requirements and designs the conversation flow in a process-oriented manner

  • Easy to use no-code chatbot builder

  • Visually descriptive analytics dashboard

  • Custom integration helps to integrate with your internal systems

  • Supports multiple channels like web, WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS

  • On-prem integrations are available

  • Pricing is affordable and non-contractual

  • Unlimited users on all plans

  • Monthly support for conversation design changes


  • Not a lot of AI-based features

  • Support for channels

Best Suited for

2. Qualified

Qualified is a pipeline generation platform for revenue teams that use Salesforce. It is one of the most prominent chatbot development companies that help businesses to grow their pipeline by tapping into their corporate website to identify the most valuable buyers, uncover signals of buyer intent, and instantly start sales conversations.

Although being an expensive platform, they do offer a platform which is tailor-made to help you generate leads. So for support related use cases, Qualified may not be a great choice. 

HQ: San Francisco, CA

Team size: 50 - 199

Project costs: Starts at $36,000/yr


  • Shows you all the visitor movement across your website

  • Powerful integration with Salesforce

  • Voice and video functions within the chatbot

  • Enrichment and Reverse IP lookup services


  • Limited to websites/web app

  • Conversation design services are only available in higher plans

  • Use cases supported is only lead generation

  • Pricing is expensive and only billed annually

  • Limits to just 15 users

Best Suited for

  • Mid-market companies

  • Enterprises


Making a list of top chatbot development companies is incomplete without mentioning Ada. It is well-known for enhancing your brand interactions. Ada leverages proactive and two-way engagement with customers and brands that boosts your revenue and conversion.

HQ: Toronto, Ontario

Team size: 500+

Project costs: Starts at $60,000/yr


  • A no-code chatbot builder

  • Flexibility to call third-party APIs

  • Readily available integrations

  • Analytics dashboard with the required KPIs


  • Limited to websites/web app

  • No native live chat feature

  • No on-prem deployment options

  • Pricing is expensive and only billed annually

  • Changes to the chatbot would most likely require their teams’ help

Best Suited for

  • Mid market companies

  • Enterprises

4. Maruti Techlabs

Maruti Techlabs has truly earned its spot as one of the most prominent chatbot development companies in the world by creating innovative solutions to address business challenges and create unparalleled value. With over 14+ years of experience and a clientele from 30+ countries, Maruti Techlabs has worked with brands as a digital transformation and innovation partner.

They are a digital product development company at heart and your guide on the digital transformation journey. 

HQ: Ahmedabad, India

Team size: 170+

Project costs: Starts at $30,000/yr


  • Superior experience in the chatbot space

  • Engineering know-how to tackle advanced integration needs

  • Ability to tailor-create a chatbot based on project needs

  • Rapid prototyping services to get a output that is presentable in a short period of time

  • Scalable architectural solutions 


  • No international office location

  • Multi-lingual skill-set in building chatbots

Best Suited for

  • Startups and small business

  • Mid market companies

  • Enterprises

5. HelloTars  

Chatbots built by Tars helps businesses provide their customers an engaging experience with a magical human touch, as they claim. They have case studies that prove an increased conversion rate, quality leads and improvement in customer satisfaction.

Till now, their product has enabled over 9,000 creators to build over 16,000 bots that have together completed over 12 million conversations. Tars has established itself as one the best chatbot development companies in a short duration.

HQ: Newark, United States

Team size

Project starts at: $5000/yr


  • 950+ ready-made chatbot templates

  • Reasonably priced chatbot design services

  • Response time of their support is quick and reliable

  • Conversation design team is smart and suggest reliable designs


  • Poor UI of their chat widget and the portal

  • No in-built NLP engine functionality

  • Limited KPIs available on their chatbot analytics

  • No multi-lingual skill-set in building chatbots

Best Suited for

  • Startups and small business

  • Mid market companies

  • Enterprises

6. Artificial Solutions

Artificial Solutions is a self-proclaimed largest Conversational AI deployment technology platform. Their advanced conversational AI Teneo®, allows business users and developers to create sophisticated, highly intelligent applications that run across 86 languages and dialects, multiple platforms and channels in record time.

HQ: Stockholm, Sweden

Team size: 51-200

Project starts at: $100,000/yr


  • Multi-lingual functionality is powerful and accurate

  • Customization of the chat widget to meet customer branding

  • Their conversation design is knowledgable and experienced

  • Smart NLP that trains automatically based on user feedback

  • Solutions for both voice and chat

  • GDPR compliance 


  • Pricing is expensive and only billed annually

  • On-prem deployment is expensive

  • Making changes to the bot flow require engineering involvement

Best Suited for

  • Enterprises

7. calls itself the world's leading next-gen Total Experience Automation Platform, that aims to make every conversation fulfilling and delightful for your customers and employees.

Powered by a native NLP engine, built for enterprises, the company aims to deliver human-like interactions that boost customer satisfaction and increase employee engagement at scale, through its no-code/low-code bot builders. 

HQ: Bengaluru, India

Team size: 501 - 1000

Project starts at: $50,000/yr


  • Native NLP engine that is smart and accurate in delivering results

  • Team comprises of industry experts

  • Solutions for both voice and chat

  • Supporting 35+ channels to build bots

  • Enterprise grade security with ISO and GDPR certifications


  • Pricing is expensive and only billed annually

  • On-prem deployment is expensive

  • Easy to make changes to the bot flow

Best Suited for

  • Mid-market companies

  • Enterprises

8. Drift

Drift is one of the leading chatbot development companies and a key player in the conversational marketing space. Most commonly you will find businesses using Drift to personalize experiences.

And Drift has been quite successful in it. You may go through Drift reviews that show how it has helped businesses to generate quality leads, increased revenue, and loyal customers.

Drift unifies Conversational Marketing, Sales and Service to align communication channels such as chat, email and video to offer personalized experiences with artificial intelligence (AI) at all stages of the customer journey.

HQ: San Francisco, United States

Team size: 500 - 1000

Project starts at: $40,000


  • Tight integration with CRMs

  • No-code chatbot builder is easy to use

  • In-built live chat function with custom routing rules

  • Enrichment function to get more information about website visitors

  • Dedicated white glove services for AI chatbots


  • Pricing is expensive and only billed annually

  • Limited UI functionalities to make the conversation intuitive

  • You have to go through layers of sales people to be qualified for a demo or get a quote

  • Turnaround time for changes on the chatbot is long

  • No customer support related experience

Best Suited for

  • Mid-market companies

  • Enterprises

9. BotsCrew

BotsCrew is a leading chatbot development company that develops custom chatbots for startups and Fortune 500 enterprises. They provide a full cycle of chatbot development services from idea to post-launch support and training. Also, BotsCrew created a Chatbot Platform to help efficiently manage, train, and customize chatbots for non-coders.

HQ: San Francisco, United States

Team size: 11 - 50

Project starts at: $10,000


  • End to end chatbot development services

  • Dedicated development and customer success team

  • Chatbot Platform with a simple UI to make instant changes on the go

  • Multi-lingual support allowing the chatbot to speak in 100 languages


  • Live chat feature is limited in its functionality

  • Limited support for channels to expand the chat automation

  • Small and lean team

Best Suited for

  • Startups and small business

  • Mid-market companies

10. Pypestream

Pypestream is the automation platform that enterprises use to give people awesome self-service. That’s because Pypestream sets the standard for digital self-service that is actually enjoyable. In practical terms, Pypestream is a self-service automation platform, delivered as a turnkey solution and sold on a pay-for-performance basis.

Its centerpiece is the Pype, a progressive superapp driven by cloud-based microapps. Pypes are simply the best looking, best performing self-service assistants imaginable.

HQ: New York, United States

Team size: 51 - 100

Project starts at: $60,000


  • End to end chatbot development services

  • Self-service platform for enterprises to make changes to the chatbot

  • Customizable UI elements within the chat widget for collecting payments

  • Client-dedicated team of implementation experts to build it for you


  • Expensive implementation cost

  • Limited support bandwidth increases TAT

Best suited for

  • Startups and small business

  • Mid-market companies


Chatbots have penetrated all sectors and departments and continue to expand to untapped use cases and solutions. And the adoption of chatbots has shown incredible results for companies in achieving their goals, starting from lead generation to improved customer support.

However, what truly matters is the way in which the conversation has been designed. This would drive your engagement rates on the chatbot. Therefore, it cannot be easy to achieve significant results without chatbot development expertise.

We’re bound to see more chatbot development companies and agencies start up to tailor conversational experiences to their audience, just like we have seen with content and PR agencies. Hiring chatbot development companies take a task off your hands and make the whole chatbot development process quicker and more effective.

Looking for a chatbot company, book a no-commitment demo with our bot experts today.


Hardik Makadia

CEO, WotNot

His leadership, pioneering vision, and relentless drive to innovate and disrupt has made WotNot a major player in the industry.