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WotNot in 2022: A Year in Review

December 9, 2022

Hardik Makadia

CEO, WotNot

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Looking back, 2022 has been one roller coaster of a ride. Finally emerging from the shadow of a pandemic, we at WotNot have reignited the fire of learning and growth. Leaving the past behind, we wrote new stories of success and achievement, and this story is far from the end. 

From breaking new grounds in customer acquisition to completely overhauling the old, pre-pandemic strategies and starting from scratch, WotNot has had a tremendous year of global, learning-backed partnerships that have significantly contributed to its growth and, subsequently, to that of each member of its family.

Below are some of the major highlights that sum up 2022 for WotNot:

A Story of Unstoppable Growth

In the past year, WotNot registered the kind of growth that has defied all trends of the current times. It was a pleasure to see the company continuing to achieve new heights, despite the economic slowdown caused by the pandemic and the ongoing war. 

Since its inception, WotNot has achieved all of the aforementioned milestones:

  • Our revenue increased by 279%

  • We started hitting 1,500 sign-ups a month 

  • More than 200k campaigns delivered via outbound bots

WotNot - G2’s Star Performer

A testament to another stellar year at WotNot— G2, one of the world’s leading peer-to-peer software review portals, recognized the authority of WotNot in the year gone by.

Thank you to all our amazing clients, whose unrelenting support and commendation on G2 made this happen. 

What Our Customers Have to Say About Us

The team at WotNot created a stir amongst new audiences and looked toward new pastures in 2022. We gave our customers, existing and newly acquired, the tools to optimize their operational workflow and expanded the horizon for them, in an increasingly competitive tech market. 

Hear straight from our clients’ mouths how WotNot is creating a difference for them, every day!

WotNot Productized Its White-label Offering In 2022

The biggest change that WotNot registered this year was entering the white-label realm. With White-label, we now provide customers the option to avail the entire product of WotNot for their own needs and resell it under their own brand.

Why We Ventured into White-labelling?

Not only are chatbots equipped to handle thousands of inquiries at once, but also can handle unlimited outbound messages and campaigns to step up revenue. The chatbot market has witnessed significant growth in the past few years because of the need to offer 24x7 customer service and saving operational costs and time. 

Conversational marketing through chatbots is winning hearts in the B2B and B2C strata too.

In fact, when it comes to the demand for chatbot software, many companies are opting for a completely white-labeled solution instead of an end-to-end solution or build-your-own chatbot solution.

This is because a white-label solution offers everything the other two can provide, plus a little extra……

Seeing the manifold attractions of providing a white-label chatbot solution, we decided it was time to serve and market WotNot as a ready-to-use-and-resell product. In hindsight, it was a sound decision because our sales teams often encountered clients who were absolutely impressed with the WotNot product itself and wanted the exact same thing, just under their own brand.

With this move, we officially formalized the service of WotNot’s replica modeling.

Product Updates

We're Engineers at heart. We love building products that bring an impact on businesses. As a testament to it, our awesome product team has worked on releasing a whole lot of cool features.

We've even launched a new portal where you can request new features, see our roadmaps, and keep an eye on all our new features and updates.

1. Outbound Bots

We launched a whole new way of starting a conversation with outbound bots. Now, rather than waiting for customers to open the chat widget, businesses can proactively reach their customers and initiate conversations via WhatsApp and SMS.

With this, send promotional campaigns, collect feedback, and do much more with outbound bots. 

Learn more about outbound bots here.

2. App Market

With the stream of user requests, we've finally launched our own App Market. You can find all your favorite and most popular apps here and use them on your chatbots. 

We also plan on adding a bunch of new apps in 2023.

As of now, WotNot offers native integrations for Google Sheets, Google Calender, Salesforce, Hubspot, Freshdesk, Zapier, Zoho CRM, ActivCampaign, and many more.  

Feel free to request any integration here.

3. The New and Improved Live Chat

We completely changed the UI of the live chat feature and rebuilt it from scratch

We added features in the live chat that empowered agents like - Saved Replies, Advanced Search, Labels, Team Assignment.

We made live chat interoperable so that if a company is used to using a different tool for live chat, say Zendesk, and wants to use WotNot only for the bots, we could integrate with them. 

We also launched Slack for live chat –  using Slack, agents can now conduct live chat

We also launched the Mobile app and enhanced the flexibility of the product. 

And we’re not gonna stop here. As the next steps in the Live Chat improvement, we plan to integrate WotNot with Salesforce Live Chat & Zendesk (Native).

To learn more about the latest improvements on live chat, click here.

4. Say Hello to Analytics Dashboard 2.0

A significant number of our customers mentioned that while the bot-builder is great and the bots were doing their job well, they needed help in getting better analytics of how the bots were performing.

So after months of research, design, and development, we created Analytics Dashboard 2.0.  

  • In the new version, we rethought analytics and what it should be

  • We included more Business-centric KPIs

  • We enabled it to retrieve data faster (Meaning less loading)

  • We equipped it to download data into CSVs

  • We group data based on properties

Learn more about the new analytics dashboard.

Growth Through Valuable Partnerships – A Customer’s Story

2022 was a year of unprecedented growth for the WotNot family. We began some new journeys in the year and learnt a lot from the new partnerships forged. 

Some of the clients that we worked with this year gave us a whole new perspective with regard to business, the industry standards and new expectations, operational efficiency, scaling up ventures, and strategies and techniques for adding new revenue streams. 

These newfound partnerships and knowledge have helped us conquer new grounds and equipped us to confront unforeseeable challenges head-on. 

Take a look at some of the key accounts that WotNot acquired in 2022:

1. Amneal Pharmaceuticals

Use Case: Troubleshooting

WotNot’s intervention at the manufacturing facilities of Amneal Pharma (a pharmaceutical company) increased their operational efficiency. With WotNot’s powerful no-code bot-builder, Amneal Pharmaceuticals was able to troubleshoot the basic and advanced machinery problems at their factory floors and reduce human dependency.

2. Domino Printing

Use Case: Lead Generation, Customer Support

To help with the lead generation of Domino Printing, one of the world’s leading companies in the commercial printing sector, the chatbot was designed to:

Increase Automated Customer Engagement (ACE)
Showcase their product line
Recommend products based on industry
Conversationally collect lead information

For their customer support challenges, the chatbot was designed to:
Make it easy to submit tickets
Submit requests for Tech Support
Place orders for Parts and Consumables

3. Blue Chip WorldWide

Use Case: Product Recommendation

BCWW is an independent, creative marketing agency based in Chicago. They partnered with WotNot as they needed a marketing solution that could create a personal impact of their own client’s products amongst the consumers; With WotNot-enabled chatbots, they planned and executed an out-of-the-box conversational marketing strategy that could promote the products through product recommendations.

Amazing stories, aren’t they? To read more of such amazing customer stories, click here.

Through our exceptional product, we were able to penetrate the North American market this year as well as break new ground in Asia, Europe, and Australia. We are helping businesses globally reach their true potential with conversational marketing and customer experience automation.

Some of these names, which were already in the big leagues, like Desoutter Tools, Innovaccer, and Circle Logistics, have also found immense value in WotNot as a growth partner and have leveled up in terms of revenue and cost-saving in an increasingly competitive market.

Showcasing Possibilities With Our Use Cases Factory

When it comes to chatbot use cases, people still believe that chatbots are just limited to lead generation or customer support. We wanted to bust this myth by educating people and showcasing the diverse business use cases that chatbots can have. 

As we have worked on several projects with our customers and seen what our customers use WotNot for, we thought of showcasing this to everyone.

For this, we launched our new use cases page.

With this page, visitors can have a more specific look into how chatbots can be implemented across a business.

You can view use cases by name (for example, product recommendation or appointment booking, etc.) and the industries they belong to.

Leveraging Videos to Educate Potential Customers

There is no doubt that WotNot is an easy-to-use product as compared to its competitors, but it still requires some basic level of education. Keeping this in mind, we decided to leverage YouTube videos to showcase and educate our clients and prospects about how WotNot works, its possible use cases, its latest updates, and many more.

For this, we came up with several video series for this purpose. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

  1. WotNot Basics:
    As the name suggests, this video series focuses on WotNot’s core features and how it works.

  2. How-To:
    In addition to the use case page, we leveraged videos to educate about the diverse use case that a chatbot could have with this video series.

  3. Product Updates:
    With our ever-growing product and frequent updates, we started showcasing them every month.

  4. WotNot Talks:
    We talk about our journey, challenges, successes, and other interesting stories with the people behind WotNot.

That's all for 2022, folks!

For 2023, we aim to make the product even more agile, more far-sighted and of course, more intelligent. The real objective is to build a conversational marketing and automation tool that has the potential to truly revolutionize the tech market and lead it to the next arena of innovation.


Hardik Makadia

CEO, WotNot

His leadership, pioneering vision, and relentless drive to innovate and disrupt has made WotNot a major player in the industry.