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10 Best Sales Chatbots to Drive Revenue in 2024

November 11, 2022

Bhavyadeep Sinh Rathod

Content Editor, WotNot

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A company strives for growth at every stage.

And it achieves that by increasing its sales and driving revenue growth.

Naturally, many businesses are looking for ways to amplify sales through automation and adding efficiency to the sales cycle.

Sales chatbots are one of those ways. 

82% of companies that use conversational marketing tools believe that bots are essential to their sales and marketing strategy.

AI automation has made a lot of things possible in the marketing and sales framework. There have been multiple instances of successes where companies focus on defining goals, setting realistic sales targets, and achieving them, all through a chat interface.

However, you must wonder, “How do you first choose a platform to build and deploy your sales chatbot?

With so many players in the market and multiple chatbot pricing models, it’s essential to pick one that suits your business goals and sales target.

But look no further.

We’ve listed some of the top sales chatbot platforms in the market that can help you make a sound decision.

Let’s check them out. 

10 Best Sales Chatbots to Drive Revenue

1. WotNot

WotNot is a no-code chatbot platform that helps you build competent lead-generation chatbots. It enables you to design a sales-oriented conversational flow and drive business value.

WotNot offers bot solutions to all types of industries and helps them grow their customer base through conversational marketing solutions. It helps you proactively engage site visitors and have conversations with them in a manner that generates qualified leads.

Top Features

Top Benefits

  • WotNot provides a no-code bot-builder so you don’t require technical expertise to build a chatbot. 

  • You can independently add scheduling integrations that help customers book demos and appointments. 

  • It provides AI integrations like IBM Watson and DialogFlow using which you can easily provide recommendations and upsell and cross-sell. 

  • You can sync your leads automatically with your CRM.

  • You can present your services and products in carousels on a sales bot that helps customers make a decision. 

  • It also offers an Airtable integration that makes product recommendations easy. 

  • Its outbound bots are a unique feature that allows you to reach out to contacts on WhatsApp and SMS. 

  • WotNot offers an arsenal of documents and tutorials that makes it easy for beginners to learn and implement chatbot technology. 

  • The customer support of the team is top-notch so you can have your queries addressed in as less time as possible. 


  • Limited options for native integrations.

2. Engati

Engati offers comprehensive bot solutions that range from customer support to automated sales, and marketing. Engati allows enterprises and small businesses to build and deploy bots in multiple languages and multiple channels at once.

Engati’s sales chatbot fills the gap between awareness and purchase. The bot provides personalized product recommendations that help you convert site visitors into paying customers.


  • Code-free development 

  • AI/Machine learning 

  • Multiple channel deployments 

  • Natural language processing 

  • Third-party integrations 

  • Voice bots


  • Engati offers a seamless platform that makes it easy for businesses to build and deploy chatbots. 

  • The strength of Engati lies in its number of platforms. You can build a chatbot once and publish across 15 channels - WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Kik, Telegram, Line, Viber, Skype, Slack, WeChat, Twitter, Skype for business, and websites. 

  • It offers advanced integrations that help you enhance your sales. 

  • With Engati’s AI chatbot, you can build a sales bot in more than 50 languages. 


  • Most of its advanced features are included only in the enterprise pricing plan.

  • Lack of tutorials for beginners.

3. Verloop

Verloop sales chatbot is a platform that allows you to build personalized conversations at scale, ultimately focusing on generating leads that turn into paying customers. Since it offers channel integrations with Shopify, WordPress, and Magento, Verloop is majorly adopted by eCommerce and retail companies to increase their sales. Its retail chatbots possess the power of machine learning, automated speech recognition, and natural language processing.


  • No-code drag-and-drop interface 

  • eCommerce bot for Shopify and Magento

  • Analytics dashboard

  • Live chat

  • Sentiment analysis


  • Brands can integrate their inbuilt CRM which helps in generating more leads and enhancing sales.

  • Their Natural language Processing and Machine Learning models are well-trained and tested, making the chat responses accurate.

  • It is user-friendly and the interface is convenient for navigation.


  • Although it is easy to implement, it is time-consuming to go through with the setup.

  • Verloop doesn’t integrate with Mobile apps yet.

  • It lacks advanced features like email campaigns and automation.

4. MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is a known name in the conversational marketing domain that has aided many brands in various sectors. It offers solutions for both small-scale businesses as well as for enterprises, enabling them to build website bots, Messenger bots, WhatsApp chatbots, and SMS chatbots.

Besides enhancing omnichannel marketing, MobileMonkey helps brands conduct drip campaigns, contact leads schedule messages, and engage website visitors.


  • Visual chatbot builder and editor

  • Mobile-friendly 

  • Omnichannel chatbots 

  • Custom LiveChat handoffs

  • Chatbot use cases templates

  • Multilingual sales bots

  • Visitor contact resolution


  • MobileMonkey has a mobile-friendly interface that is supported by advanced features. 

  • It provides multiple opportunities to increase the level of interaction with your audience. 

  • MobileMonkey provides unlimited contacts and leads on all plans. 

  • It provides multiple tools inside its solution that are all built to uplift visitor engagement and improve sales. 


  • The interface keeps on updating so it takes time to do the research and self-learn to develop the expertise in using its multiple tools. 

  • Some of its features are comparatively expensive to other sales chatbot providers. 

  • The tool also has limited sales-focused features where users can automate sales tasks or create a sales pipeline.

5. Aivo

Aivo is an AI automation tool that helps you design conversational journeys and automate sales and customer support across platforms. It provides no-code knowledge solutions for enterprises.

Aivo has a quick onboarding process and an efficient AI tool that understands the layers of human interaction and replicates the expressions while conversing with a user. It is ideal for companies looking to automate support for a massive contact list or who want to enable voice messaging, and automate sales.


  • Bill payment bots

  • Customer service bots

  • Reporting and analysis

  • Voice chatbots for automated telephone service

  • Helpdesk

  • Live chat


  • Aivo offers both text and voice in equal capacity, allowing businesses to leverage voice bots to automate support and generate sales.

  • It offers advanced integrations for support such as Zendesk, Zapier, and Salesforce.

  • It helps you promote launches and promotions, and improve website conversion with advertisements.

  • You can better understand why your customer behaves the way they do and increase the NPS.


  • Its navigation and design aren’t updated.

6. Kindly

Kindly provides conversational AI solutions specifically for eCommerce businesses. Their offerings are directed towards conversational commerce using which eCommerce businesses can drive their sales via automated chat tools. It combines elements of conversational AI, virtual shopping assistants, cart abandonment, and conversion optimization software in a comprehensive platform.

With excellent language technology and easy integrations, Kindly paves the way for eCommerce businesses to drive their sales. It increases their website conversions by starting conversations and recognizing repeat customers.


  • AI/Machine learning

  • Customized branding 

  • Multilingual 

  • Live chat

  • Virtual shopping assistants

  • Code-free development 


  • Kindly fill in the gap of personalization in online shopping by delighting visitors with engaging conversations.

  • Kindly helps you optimize your site visits and reduce cart abandonment which naturally increases your sales.

  • Using their virtual shopping assistants, you can make product recommendations to your customers on the chat interface.


  • Their data tracking can surely improve since if you don’t know how the bot is performing or to what extent it is generating results, you cannot make the required improvements and iterations.

7. Tidio

Tidio is a live chat and chatbot platform that helps enterprises with no-code conversational marketing solutions. The best part about Tidio is that it has been around for a while to accurately determine your business pain points and develop a solution according to your needs. It helps you proactively generate leads on websites, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc, and provides chatbot templates to help you get started.


  • Hassle-free and quick installation

  • Visual builder interface

  • Third-party integrations

  • NLP integrations

  • Live chat (Web/Mobile)

  • Custom branding

  • Customer database


  • Tido is easy to implement across all platforms.

  • Tidio offers a simple, clean, and robust interface on their backend as well as on your website and other platforms.

  • It offers 16 different triggers for its bots. Triggers are bot nodes that prompt the bot when to start.

  • You also have access to chatbot templates that you can customize according to your needs.


  • Since Tidio has too many features, it can become daunting for brands and marketers who are completely unfamiliar with sales bots.

  • The prices may seem too high for small businesses.

8. Freshchat

Freshchat is a self-service AI platform that helps you deliver customer service through chatbot messaging. The idea of Freshchat is based on customer support but support that is driven to increase sales. Freshchat allows you to have automated and live conversations with customers on websites and other platforms which makes it easier to make them buy a service before they leave.

With Freshchat, you can elevate your customer engagement on sites using just a handful of free, robust tools for providing live customer support via your website and other platforms.


  • No-code development

  • Self-service omnichannel chatbots

  • Canned responses

  • Reporting and analytics

  • Website visitor tracking


  • You can consolidate your support from all your channels under a single window.

  • Freshchat’s dashboard has all the options for viewing agents’ performance and even the work they do overtime.

  • It also offers easy opportunities to integrate the chatbot with other systems, from Fresh Service, and Fresh Desk, to third-party integrations.


  • The setup requires immense help from a technical expert especially if the user is integrating with third-party integrations.

  • It is difficult to transfer chats in live chat. The notifications are also poorly timed.

  • The analytics dashboard doesn’t get updated regularly and provides inaccurate responses if maintained poorly.

9. Drift

Drift was one of the early players in the conversational marketing game and it still enjoys a good clientele that leverages its live chat and automated chatbot sales software. Drift positions itself as an AI-powered demand-generation tool that businesses can use to personalize experiences, and eventually increase its quality pipeline, revenue, and customers.


  • Code-free lead capture

  • Playbook

  • Automated messaging

  • Integrates with other business systems

  • Campaign management


  • Over the years, Drift has strived for agility so it's easy to get onboarded and implement automated chat tools on your website and other applications.

  • It has strong lead-generation capabilities that drive your sales and revenue.

  • With numerous automation tools, you can ensure to customize your bot and personalize your chats.


  • Pricing is one of the pressing drawbacks of Drift. Compared to other competitors, Drift is considerably expensive.

  • Drift’s bot builder also lacks when it comes to advanced features that you can find in other providers.


User is a chatbot marketing automation tool that is designed to boost engagement and improve conversions. It provides you the opportunity to connect with customers and increase sales through a wide range of communication channels such as emails, live chat, chatbot, push notifications, and many more.



  • provides an ecosystem of automation tools that help you consolidate all activities on a single platform.

  • The implementation is easy and its marketing automation has a lot of potentials.


  • If you opt for, it works best if you adopt all its other tools as well. You’re unlikely to get a good result in sales if you opt for the chatbot.

  • Naturally, opting for everything would result in increased pricing.

Finishing Thoughts 

We get it. There are too many players in the market and picking the right platform that perfectly aligns with your business needs is a time-consuming and daunting task. However, once you get to understand the strength of each platform, you’ll be able to gauge what benefits appeal most to your brand.

If you’re looking to understand in detail how chatbots can amplify your sales, you can get in touch with us. We take an education-first approach and would be happy to assist you in defining your requirements.


Bhavyadeep Sinh Rathod

Content Editor, WotNot

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