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Top 10 Best Enterprise Chatbot Companies in 2024 - A Global Overview

June 23, 2022

Hardik Makadia

CEO, WotNot

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Chatbots have long been the buzzword around escalating talks about digital transformation. 

Because every website you visit these days, you’re greeted by a bubble that reads, “Hey there, welcome! Looking for something?”

Enterprises are extensively deploying enterprise chatbots for automating conversations on websites and social media platforms. Since 2019, the use of chatbots has increased by 92%, proving that they’re the fastest-growing brand communication channel.

But their rising demand has given rise to a lot of chatbot providers in the market. And businesses are often left with the hard job of making a decision of choosing the best enterprise chatbot companies. 

They have to take multiple factors into account such as the chatbot pricing, the features, the functions, etc. 

So to make your job easier, the following article will walk you through why enterprises are steering towards chatbot solutions and what top enterprise chatbot platforms you should consider. 

Let’s go!

Why are Enterprises Implementing Chatbot Platforms?

1. Automation for High-volume Conversations

Enterprises are flooded with site visitors and prospects. They pose queries ranging from general FAQs, policies, to product-related questions and complaints. To manually interact with different kinds of visitors and provide them answers to the same questions is not only impractical but also fruitless.

These high-volume conversations can and should be automated. An enterprise chatbot has the capacity to handle the high-volume inflows that the enterprise is used to. They ensure the scalability of the solutions and automate the basic responses.

2. Instant Resolution to Queries

A growing number of enterprises are also realizing the benefits of chatbots in providing real-time responses to site visitors 24*7. They also save operational costs in the process. No customers look forward to waiting time and it is also one of the most frustrating experiences for them. As a result, enterprises are increasingly deploying chatbots to take care of the growing need of being available to customers in real-time. 

In fact, the top predicted use case of a chatbot is to provide instant responses in emergencies and 35% of people also use chatbots to get an instant resolution to a complaint. 

Enterprises use chatbots to place them as the first point of contact to reduce customer churn and set them to prompt live agents to address complex issues.

3. Improves the Brand Experience and Customer Satisfaction 

Since chatbots are at the forefront of customer communication on all major platforms, they elevate the brand impression of being responsive in real-time. Even if the bot can’t solve the problem, it will at least direct the agent to pick up the problem whenever they’re online.

Furthermore, enterprises can also design the chatbot according to the brand tone, color, and fonts. This helps in keeping the brand experience consistent throughout platforms.

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4. Interoperability Across Departments 

An enterprise won’t just have a single use-case for a chatbot. Different departments will use a bot for different purposes. 

  • The marketing department will use it for improving website conversion

  • The support team will use it to automate level one support

  • The operations team will utilize it for internal needs 

  • The HR team will use it for recruitment, onboarding, training, and so on

A chatbot facilitates interoperability across departments and has the capacity to change the internal and external communication landscape of the enterprise. 

5. Customized Solutions 

Enterprises have numerous customized chatbot solution providers at their disposal. It has become a lot easier to buy an enterprise chatbot solution than investing in an in-house enterprise chatbot development that elevates the overall cost of availing the solution. Enterprises can now get native integrations, adjust the scalability of the chatbot solution, and even ensure chatbot security parameters with reliable chatbot vendors. 

6. Time to Market

Since enterprise chatbots take over critical tasks, they free up the time of marketers who can invest their efforts in analytical and brainstorming tasks. It provides them more room for developing marketing strategies and employing innovative tactics to generate demand and foster business growth.

10 Best Enterprise Chatbot Companies

1. WotNot

WotNot is one of the most prominent enterprise chatbot companies. It is a no-code chatbot platform that offers a convenient and user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, helping anyone build rule-based and AI chatbots. You can also deploy multilingual chatbots for websites, Messenger, WhatsApp, and SMS.

Top Features


  • The interface is easy to understand so literally anyone can build bots. 

  • You can also avail done-for-you service where WotNot takes care of your requirements from start to finish 

  • It offers on-premise installation to adhere to security protocols 

  • You can expect customized solutions and integrations that meet the needs of an enterprise. 

  • WotNot provides the option to build bots in multiple languages 


  • Limited options for native integrations. You can avail them on request but in the enterprise platform set up, they would be developed by your engineering team. 


WotNot offers a custom pricing plan for enterprises. The plan involves two primary costs — the license fee and the setup fee. The chatbot cost of these will vary based on the scope of the project. 

2. Teneo

Teneo is a Conversational AI enterprise chatbot platform that is an intelligent, conversational digital assistant capable of answering a diverse number of questions in multiple languages. Teneo combines machine learning and language models through which you can build enterprise chatbots.

Top Features

  • Chatbot

  • Live Chat

  • Multi-Channel Communication

  • Multi-Language

  • Pre-Configured Bot


  • Artificial Solutions offer a master/local approach to languages. It allows for a conversational AI application to be built in one language and easily ported to another. It’s perfect when your business is spread across multiple geographical regions. 

  • It offers a visual GUI that makes developers and business collaboration seamless. 


  • It takes a while to get familiar with the technology. So you might have to be dependent on them for minor tweaks. 

  • Not every business needs to build a bot in 35 different languages. The solution is useless if you’re focusing on an audience in your country itself. 


Artificial Solutions offers a custom pricing plan for enterprises. You can schedule a demo to get a custom quote.

3. Maruti Techlabs

Maruti Techlabs is a name that is bound to appear whenever someone talks about enterprise chatbot companies. It is known for delivering plenty of solutions in technology consulting related to Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and chatbot development. It offers a complete end-to-end chatbot platform for enterprises — from evaluating use-cases to deploying and monitoring the bot.

Top Features

  • No-code chatbot platform

  • Multilingual Chatbots

  • Analytics Dashboard

  • Human Handover & Live Chat


  • Maruti Techlabs offers expert enterprise chatbot consulting services by identifying the industry use case and planning a solution best suited for enterprises. 

  • Maruti Techlabs has been in bot services for more than ten years so its industry experience makes them more reliable. 

  • They know how to build enterprise bots that can handle mission-critical tasks and automate conversations at low maintenance costs. 


  • Bot development is just one of the many services they offer. So you will have to confirm the features and integrations provided in the plans and understand the options you have for your enterprise. 


Maruti Techlabs offers only a custom pricing plan. You can get in touch for a demo and get a quote. 

4. Haptik

Haptik has quickly earned its spot as one of the best enterprise chatbot platforms.  It offers a CX platform that is specifically designed for enterprises. The platform is built keeping in mind the customer experience across industries like eCommerce, insurance, gaming, and telecom. The platform facilitates AI-powered conversations for different use-cases. 

Top Features

  • AI/Machine Learning Chatbot with Natural Language processing 

  • Live Chat

  • Multi-Channel Communication

  • Customizable Branding

  • Contextual Guidance 


  • Haptik offers good customer service as they showcase an immense understanding of the problem and are quick to respond to complaints. 

  • You can expect new integrations with a wide variety of back-end platforms in the blink of an eye.


  • The implementation time isn’t optimized. 

  • It doesn’t integrate its analytics with a custom BI tool. 


Haptik only offers custom pricing. You can directly contact the company to get a quote. 


Enterprise bot offers chatbot, email automation, voice bot, and live chat options for enterprises. It helps businesses increase leads, automate end-to-end customer service, and grow with a no-code conversational enterprise AI platform.

Top Features

  • Automated Responses

  • Automated Routing

  • Canned Responses

  • Pre-built Integrations 

  • Augmented Analytics


  • The bots are enterprise-ready with pre-built integrations for large companies and provide a comprehensive solution of AI automation tools

  • Enterprise Bot has its own ML engine and platform that helps with getting accurate responses in Natural Language Processing. 


  • The analytics aren’t optimized as per industry-specific chatbot use cases for enterprises. 

  • The process of creating the flow, content, translations, and building the chatbot is a time-consuming process. 


Enterprise Bot only offers custom pricing. You can directly contact the company to get a quote. It will vary based on the product and volume. 

6. Ubisend

Ubisend offers a simple no-code enterprise chatbot builder — a platform where businesses can build and deploy high-volume solutions and automation across all channels. It seamlessly integrates with multiple channels such as websites, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, Messenger, and more.

Top Features

  • Chatbot

  • Dashboard

  • For eCommerce

  • For Sales

  • Predictive Analysis


  • Ubisend assists enterprises with automated messaging, campaign analytics, and customer engagement. 

  • It has the experience of working with Fortune 500 companies. 


  • They offer limited integrations, especially for eCommerce. 


Ubisend offers a custom pricing plan where you can pay according to your business needs. The pricing will include the cost of a single sign-on, managed infrastructure, and priority training. 

7. Ada

Ada is one of the top enterprise chatbot companies that has positioned itself as a brand interaction platform. It offers conversational AI solutions to enterprises and can automate thousands of conversation topics across popular digital channels within a single platform.

Top Features

  • A/B Testing

  • Campaign Analytics

  • Campaign Management

  • Lead Management

  • ROI Tracking 


  • Ada offers easy customer management and the creation of interest groups.

  • With Ada, you just have a single tool to manage SMS campaigns, email campaigns, landing pages, and chatbots. 


  • It gets a little complicated to use after integrating multiple features

  • It’s also challenging to manage paid campaigns or native campaigns directly into the platform. 


Ada offers custom pricing. The enterprise plan includes the costs of proactive Campaigns, proactive SMS, and data enrichment. 

8. Drift

Drift is an industry leader in conversational marketing. It provides automated conversational solutions and an AI-powered conversation cloud using which businesses can personalize the customer experience, increase leads, and generate revenue.

Top Features

  • Chatbots

  • Geo-targeting 

  • Offline access

  • Proactive chatting 

  • Personalized Responses 


  • With Drift, you can create customized chat experiences for users based on different criteria.

  • Building the chat flows is quite easy once you get a hang of the tool. 


  • If you want a comprehensive solution for your enterprise, Drift can be quite costly.

  • You can experience delays in getting reverts on requested features

  • Customer support is a huge turnoff, you may want to read Drift reviews to get a better idea

  • You have to switch between the app and the browser for different functionality. 


Drift offers custom pricing for enterprises. You can book a demo to understand your requirements and get a quote. The custom pricing plan can include the costs of Drift workspaces, Multilingual bots, and custom RABC. 

9. Pypestream

Pypestream is a cloud-based, AI-powered automation solution that allows enterprises to instantly resolve customer issues on multiple platforms. It’s perfect for enterprises with high customer communication and request volume.

Top Features

  • AI/Machine Learning

  • Audience Targeting

  • Live Chat

  • Knowledge Base Management 


  • The customer support solution is quick to deploy and is able to manage the high-volume customer queries. 

  • The platform is fairly flexible when it comes to customization and it integrates with many platforms and APIs. 


  • The dashboards aren’t that sophisticated and their data/reporting solution could use some updates. 

  • It positions itself as just a customer support solution. So they may not have the expertise for other chatbot use-cases. 


Pypestream has custom pricing. You can request a demo to understand the pricing options. 


Activechat is another alternative for a customer support conversational platform. It is built to automate responses to customer queries with a state-of-art visual chatbot platform. It enhances sales and support with every chatbot conversation and aims to increase engagement.

Top Features

  • Code-free development

  • Contextual Guidance

  • Reporting/Analytics

  • Sentiment Analysis


  • The support is commendable. You can expect a quick and easy resolution. 

  •  It integrates well with many services like Woocommerce and platforms like Facebook messenger. 


  • It takes time to get started as it's challenging to figure out the bot builder. 

  • Activechat also has limited support documentation. So you’ll be dependent on them for minor tweaks. 


Activechat offers usage-based pricing where they charge based on the number of conversations per month and the number of live support agents using the tool. It will cost you around $0.001 per conversation.


Picking one out of many chatbot solution companies may seem challenging but it becomes a lot easier if you have clear goals, a budget, the type of business solution, and the type of integrations that your enterprise needs. Once you have an outlook of such factors, it’s easier to get rolling with innovative conversational AI solutions and onboard just the right enterprise chatbot platform suited to your needs.

Now, if you have made up your mind about getting started with a powerful enterprise chatbot for your business, get in touch with us and let WotNot do the rest.


Hardik Makadia

CEO, WotNot

His leadership, pioneering vision, and relentless drive to innovate and disrupt has made WotNot a major player in the industry.