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10 Reasons Why It’s Time To Implement Real Estate Chatbot

Published by Hardik Makadia on 07-Jun-2020

In the current times, the real estate sector is reeling under the pressure of increasing competition and the volatile state of markets. In all of this, the only way to make sure your real estate business survives and thrives is by ensuring effective communication. And that’s where the real estate chatbot comes in.

Buyers and prospects looking to buy, sell or rent property need immediate answers. And for a real estate agent who is juggling new and old property listings, chasing their own sales goals, and managing past clients — it is difficult to take time out to ascertain the overall seriousness of the lead, answer their queries and nurture them.

Chatbots in real estate can help realtors save resources, while catering to the needs of their leads and providing a superior customer experience. Let us understand how:

  1. Real Time Enquiry

When a user lands on your website, they can immediately get their queries answered by the realtor chatbot. Your leads do not need to wait to hear from a human agent about their availability. The real estate chatbot caters to the needs of your audience instantly. 

  1. Available 24×7

As real estate agents have time constraints like meeting deadlines, shift timings, it is not possible for them to remain available to the prospect throughout the day. With chatbots in real estate being available round the clock, 365 days a year — your customer’s queries can be addressed even outside of operational hours.

  1. Qualify Buyer and Seller Needs

Using the customer’s interaction with the realtor chatbot, you can easily determine what the customer is looking for and nurture the lead ahead. The information collected by the real estate chatbot gives you a clear idea on which lead is worth being nurtured and which is not, thereby helping you save a great deal of your time.

  1. Schedule Property Viewings

Once the prospect is deeper into the sales funnel, the bot can schedule a home tour and in a way, take care of introducing the client and the real estate agent. At this point, the property management chatbot can automate the process of scheduling site visits by syncing up with agents’ calendars and confirming visits.

  1. Search MLS Listings

The real estate chatbot can simplify your customers’ hunt for their ideal house/property. The bot can assess a prospect’s search requirements, scan the MLS for relevant and matching properties and then display listings that are active within the chat interface itself.

  1. 360-degree virtual tours

You can pique the interest of your prospects by giving a quick virtual tour through the property management chatbot. Help your visitors visualize the home they want to buy/rent directly through the bot to move them further in the funnel and convert them from interested prospects into ready-to-visit customers.

  1. Logging Conversations

With chatbots, you can keep a log of the interactions that your leads had with your bot. This comes in very handy when the human agent takes over from the bot and interacts with the lead. With access to prior interactions, you have a better understanding of the lead’s preferences even before you talk to them.

  1. Automate your follow-up process

As a realtor, you have a lot on your plate other than following up on people who are yet to be customers. Real estate chatbots can be very easily utilized to follow up on your leads via the medium they choose. Whether they want to be contacted via email or text message for more information or would directly prefer talking to the realtor, is all asked to the user.

Follow-up messages or emails can be automatically sent to the prospect without manual intervention. Or if you prefer to follow-up with the lead manually, then that too is possible.

  1. Language no bar

Chatbots for real estate agents can communicate with your targeted audience in their language, thus further personalizing the customer’s experience. This also contributes to elevating your brand and increasing customer engagement.

  1. Ease of Data Handling with Integrations

Fret not! Implementing chatbots in your business does not add to the data chaos. In fact, data handling becomes a lot easier with chatbots. Realtor chatbots collect information and feed it directly to your CRM or database, without your assistance.

Wrapping up

Generating and closing leads, as we know it in the real estate sector, has always been expensive. And with the internet era, things have become more unmanageable for the realtor. Real estate bot helps you automate a large part of lead generation by having personalized conversations with your leads, at scale, thus making chatbots a win-win for both the parties — you and your customer.

Leading property aggregators have used WotNot real estate chatbot and attained impressive results in terms of generating pre-qualified leads for their sales team, saving time, and providing excellent customer support. Have a look at how Shivalik, one of the leading Indian realtors, generated 1248 leads within 3 months with the help of WotNot chatbot.

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