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The Best Chatbot Builders for 2024 [Reviews & Features]

December 9, 2022

Bhavyadeep Sinh Rathod

Content Editor, WotNot

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The marketing landscape has undergone a tremendous shift from push to pull. Most of the strategies today revolve around conversations and interactions. If you connect with your customer at the right time and place, your chances at converting them increases.

In such times, chatbot builders are playing a phenomenal role in accelerating marketing outcomes. They can adapt to the customer’s requirement, offer better business availability, and translate your interactions into conversions. These bots can easily learn from past interactions and support the customers accordingly.

If you are also looking for a chatbot builder platform for your business, then there several options available. But which one to choose, that is the question. To make your job easier, we have curated a list of top 8 chatbot builders that you must consider in 2024. But before diving deep into it let’s see what chatbot builders actually are. 

What Are Chatbot Builders?

A chatbot builder is a platform that helps businesses to build chatbots that automate interactions, resolve queries, and generate leads at scale. These builders can help engage with new visitors, extend support to existing customers and offer sales-qualified leads the necessary information to push them towards conversion.

The biggest virtue of a chatbot builder is Artificial Intelligence. With this technology, businesses can train the bots to learn from past conversations and improve user experiences.

Top Chatbot Builders to Lookout for

The market is flooded with chatbot builders that can help businesses construct conversations, improve their support, and enhance customer experience. Some are inexpensive, while others offer defining features. Here, we have curated a list of top 8 chatbot builders that you must consider for your business.

1. WotNot

WotNot is one of the leading chatbot builders that automates customer interactions to enhance conversational marketing. The platform is designed to generate qualified leads, automate customer support, and improve the availability of your business.

From generating sales qualified leads, creating outbound campaigns, to offering customer support 24x7, there are many things WotNot’s chatbot builder can offer your business. 

With WotNot, businesses have saved 2000+ man hours and gained 400+ qualified leads for their business. Top businesses like Symphony, Contently, DM Immigration and Zydus use WotNot. 

Key Features

  • You can use the pre-built templates in the bot builder to get started with your chatbot

  • The platform offers a range of tools such as version control, auto layout and undo-redo to increase productivity

  • You can integrate CRMs and other tools like Salesforce, Google Calendar, Hubspot, Zoho, etc 

  • The no-code builder allows you to create workflows without an expert developer

  • You can use the drag & drop tools to create conditions and build the workflows

  • Preview and test the bot before going live


  • It is easy to build bots with this no-code chatbot builder

  • At-a-glance dashboard analytics to get a complete view into the bot’s performance

  • An excellent customer support for your queries

  • Easy to setup and use


  • The integrations are limited in the startup package

Ease of Use:



WotNot has a free plan that offers basic features. Talking about its paid plans, it starts with $299/month.

2. Landbot

Landbot is one of the best chatbot builders that help businesses grow their revenue while reducing operational costs. With a no-code builder, you can create custom workflows to enhance your marketing and support strategies.

You can use this bot builder to deploy the chatbots on your website and application. This bot builder is used by top businesses to automate complex interactions and grow conversions. Nestle and Coca-Cola are among the top businesses that use this bot builder.  

Key Features

  • You can easily integrate the chatbot with your mobile apps and websites, thus enabling better interaction with customers

  • Block-based bot builder allows you to create workflows easily

  •  Supports advanced data workflows, NLP and Dialogflow 

  • Drag-and-drop tools in the WYSIWYG editor to build your chatbot faster

  • Pre-built templates empower the business to get started easily


  • Large number of integrations available

  • Value for the money you pay

  • Free trial and version available

  • Pre-built templates available

  • Can be customized to suit your requirements


  • Building a complex chatbot may take a longer time

  • You cannot customize reply buttons

  • No scrollbar available that can help you move through the workflow, thus making it difficult to see your entire bot flow

  • The learning curve is slightly steep for this builder

Ease of Use:

Slightly difficult


Sandbox: Free forever

Starter: 30 euros per month

Pro: 80 euros per month

Business: 300 euros per month

3. Tidio

Tidio is the best chatbot platform that lets you capture leads and generate more sales to drive revenue. You can create numerous workflows for different types of customers so that you don’t lose a single sale.

This bot builder allows you to automate answers to FAQs, segment users and nurture them for better conversions. It integrates with your email, messenger and Instagram, thus allowing you to conduct all conversations from a single place.

Key Features

  • The platform can be easily accessed across devices — mobile and tablet for better accessibility

  • Automate the responses for customer support, sales and marketing for better productivity

  • Extends live chat support for better customer experiences

  • The chatbot can be customized to suit the business goals

  • Integration across messengers, software and other APIs for better data flow


  • Keep track of interactions across email, SMS and messengers from a single place

  • Connect with customers in real-time with the live chat widget

  • Integrations that can enhance your workflows


  • Does not alert the business about a new customer that has arrived on the chat window

  • Slightly overpriced

  • There is a learning curve associated with the bot builder

  • Cannot handle multiple chats simultaneously

Ease of Use:

Slightly difficult


Free: $0 per month

Communicator: $15.83 per month

Chatbots: $32.50 per month

Tidio+: $240.83 per month

4. HubSpot

With this free chatbot builder, you can gather qualified leads, manage your appointments and improve interactions to scale your business. With this bot builder, you can enjoy unlimited and personalized conversations with your customer for better conversions.

The no-code chatbot builder allows you to create numerous workflows that support your marketing and sales goals. The chatbots sync information received from the customers to their profiles with a timeline for complete data and better insights.

Key Features

  • Connect with the website visitors in real-time with live chat on your bot to close deals faster.

  • A single inbox that allows your sales, marketing and support team to collaborate efficiently and manage the customers better.

  • Helps manage the pipeline efficiently by integrating with your CRM software.

  • Use the pre-built templates to start creating the workflow for the chatbot. 

  • Customize the voice and tone to meet your business needs.

  • Instant reply bot that allows you to send a quick reply immediately after the user starts the conversation.


  • This chatbot builder integrates easily with other HubSpot tools to streamline interactions and improve nurturing

  • A single inbox tracks all conversations and helps with auto-assigning

  • Free to get started

  • Excellent customer support


  • Limited features available with the free version

  • You will need customer support to help understand the platform. A demo may be required to get started

  • It can get expensive with the addition of necessary features

  • No A/B testing available on low-priced plans

Ease of Use:

Slightly difficult, needs intervention


It is part of the Sales Hub.

Starter: $45 per month

Professional: $450 per month

Enterprise: $1200 per month

5. Intercom

Intercom is a customer engagement and conversational marketing platform that enables faster communication to render happy customers. It helps businesses connect with customers at the right time and place for faster conversions.

With the bot builder, you can automate answers. NLP allows the bot to learn from past questions and offer better answers to the customers. This bot builder has helped businesses with a 44% improvement in their response times.

Key Features

  • You can make the bots ask the right questions through workflow routines to improve your support

  • Customize the chatbot to suit your business requirements with pre-built templates and reusable components

  • Collect detailed information about the customers to enhance the customer support and marketing strategies

  • No code chatbot builder allows you to create triggers for exceptional workflows


  • An intuitive and professional interface

  • Free trial available for the product

  • A unified platform for better collaboration

  • Integrates with your website and other systems


  • Customer support is slow and unresponsive

  • Expensive for small and medium-sized businesses

Ease of Use:



Starter: $74 per month (for small businesses)

Support: Connect with sales

Engage: Connect with sales

Convert: Connect with sales

6. Drift

Drift is one of the best chatbot builders that help generate qualified leads and improve business conversions. The bot builder provides an A/B testing capability that allows you to determine which bot flow works for your customers.

With the chatbot, you can increase the returns on your investment by ensuring all the customers stay in your business. It is best suited for large-sized enterprises.

Key Features

  • The Drift chat widget ensures immediate communication with the customers, thus enhancing interactions

  • You can create rules to route the leads and conversations for better assigning

  • At-a-glance reporting that allows you to track the key metrics for bot performance

  • Integrates with major chat and messenger platforms so that you can view all chats from a single place


  • Helps businesses close deals faster and generate qualified leads

  • Easy to setup and use. No need for developer skills

  • Integrates with all major software and platforms

  • Interactive and user-friendly reporting dashboards


  • It can be quite expensive and best suited for large organizations

  • The bot builder is available in the pro plan

  • To use Drift for multiple teams, you need to take the enterprise plan

Ease of Use:

Slightly difficult

7. Zendesk

Zendesk's chatbot builder helps sales, marketing, and support teams translate conversations into happy customers. The bot builder can help you identify the workflows to assist your teams better.

The chatbot builder supports multiple languages, so you can publish the same bot flow in the language that fits your customers. Incorporate AI to make your workflow smarter and improve the bot’s learning ability.

Key Features

  • Multi-language support

  • Compatible with multiple devices, including phones and tablets

  • Integrate with Email, SMS and messengers to keep in touch with your chats from a single place

  • Quick reporting and at-a-glance dashboards that offer a complete view into the key metrics


  • Monitor customer behaviour, chat triggers and visitors to update your conversations

  • Can be used by small, medium and large scale businesses

  • Enables open API integration for seamless collaboration

  • Single dashboard with all analytics and reporting data

  • Scalable pricing that meets unique demands


  • It may not be easy to understand and set up

  • The interface is slightly cluttered and cumbersome

  • The professional package with maximum features can cost a lot

  • They don’t offer advanced collaboration tools to make collaborating with team members easy.

Ease of Use:

Slightly difficult


Suite Team: $49 per agent per month

Suite Growth: $79 per agent per month

Suite Professional: $99 per agent per month

8. Chatfuel

Chatfuel is one of the most prominent chatbot builders that offers a centralized bot-building platform to individuals and enterprises. It comprises simple editing tools and NLP that enable thorough bot-building capabilities.

It is a cost-efficient bot-building solution that integrates easily with third-party solutions and analytics technology.

The platform offers a single dashboard to see the reports and analytics data. You can create the rules to enable conversational marketing with this bot builder. It integrates with platforms like Facebook and Twitter for better conversions.

Key Features

  • Automate the answers for the frequently asked questions using AI technology

  • Pre-built templates that can help build engaging conversations for sales and marketing

  • Integrates with CRM software for better segmentation

  • A/B testing to check the bot flow that works for your business

  • Complete campaign management for better interactions


  • Simple UI and visual flow builder that helps configure personalized chatbot solutions

  • Create a website and Facebook specific bots

  • Track key metrics to check the bot performance from a single dashboard

  • Single click testing solution for your chatbot

  • Create multiple bots with the single bot builder


  • The free version comprises limited features

  • The pre-built templates that you get with the bot builder lack the quality

Ease of Use:



Business: $11.99 per month

Enterprise: $199 per month

Which Qualities You Should Look for in a Chatbot Builder

The chatbot builder segment is flooded with several players vying for the top spot. With the mixed reviews that you get from the users, it has become difficult to make the right choice. If you are contemplating how to choose the right chatbot builder for your business, we may have an answer for you. Here are all the qualities that will make a chatbot builder best for you. 

1. No Code Builder

Most of the in-house strategists and product owners have limited to no technical skills. Even the marketers who may be creating the bot would have no coding skills. That’s why a no-code bot builder is a requirement. It will get you started with building the bot within minutes with a visual editor and drag-and-drop interface. 

2. Free Trials

It is very important to choose a bot builder with this quality. It gives you time to get accustomed to the bot before you can purchase it. It will give you the freedom to explore the bot builder, create workflows and understand how it works. The decision to upgrade becomes easy when you have a free trial.

3. Pricing and Plans

It should be reasonably priced and in sync with your budget. Check the pricing of the bot builders that people have suggested. If the features and pricing are fit for you, you can go ahead with the purchase. This is an important quality as a lot of bot builders with extensive features are expensive. On the other hand, they offer limited features with their free version.

4. Security

When people communicate with bots, they share a lot of private information. You might want to ensure this information is secure and not prone to vulnerabilities. As a result, choosing a bot builder that has the required security features is important.


In this guide we took you through the top chatbot builders and their characteristics. We even saw the qualities that builders should possess. As a conclusion to this guide, we would like to list out the

Best bot builder for small businesses: WotNot

Best bot builders for integration with messengers: Tidio, WotNot and Hubspot

Best free chatbot builders: WotNot, Hubspot, Landbot

Best Chatbot for Enterprises: Drift, Intercom, WotNot


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