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All You Need To Know About The Best Live Chat Or Chatbot For WordPress

October 31, 2020

Hardik Makadia

CEO, WotNot

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Technology has amazingly empowered humans. We have successfully been able to find an easy, quick, and organized manner of managing activities from the convenience of our screens. On one hand, no-code platforms have made tools accessible to people from all backgrounds, and on the other hand, drag and drop tools have made things much more convenient than they were a decade ago. 

If you have been in the startup ecosystem for some time, you must have come across services like live chat, website builders like WordPress, and marketing automation tools like Clevertap. Not just this, there are services specific to a particular use case like a chatbot for WordPress, live chat for Wix, live chat widget for Squarespace, and so on. 

This article is an attempt to throw some light on the best chatbot for WordPress that there is – WotNot. It is one of the best no-code platforms. We will talk about the uniqueness the product brings, the use cases it solves for, and what makes it known as a chatbot for WordPress.

Chatbot for WordPress – How did it all start

Since its advent, WordPress has built a strong presence in the market. It has been a pioneer in creating a self-serve platform to build a website. That brings WordPress to a place that calls for a need to evolve continuously. With the entire wave of automation and bot-based services, there arose a need to build a chatbot for WordPress because the creators asked for one. 

There is a laundry list of services that provide chatbots for WordPress. What caused you to build one and talk about here then, you ask. Well, we will get to it but before that, how about understanding the advantages of having a live chat or a chatbot on your website. Let’s get the ball rolling. 

Advantages of chatbot services 

Here is a quick recap and a couple of lines for everyone who wants to understand what a chatbot is. A chatbot, as the name suggests, is a bot helping a brand with automated chat service – in most cases 24*7. However smooth this sounds, it is not an hour-long task to set up and train a bot. With an increasing need for consumers to feel valued and attain that delight mark, even your bot must have a human touch. And believe us when we say this – there are very few players in the market that will empower your brand to do that. 

A chatbot is a computer program powered by coding rules or artificial intelligence, or even both that interact with site visitors via a chat-based interface. It comes up almost precisely that this service holds a lot of potential. Listed below are a couple of advantages of having a chatbot for WordPress: 

Lead generation for the sales team

One of the most important goals for any organization is collecting information from the visitors so that they can get connected to prospective customers. With less time span at everyone’s disposal, chatbot seems like a perfect fit.

For example, a bot created on WotNot for WordPress can come up when a visitor is about to exit (exit intent). It can quickly ask a couple of questions like email ID and what are they looking for. Now, this information gets saved in the database and further shared with the sales team to start the conversation with them. 

Get the team in touch with visitors in real-time

Being in the industry for some time, we often interact with a lot of businesses. One of the misunderstood things about chatbots is that they are built to replace an actual customer support team. Generally, and specifically at WotNot, this is not the case at all. 

The fact is, connecting a visitor with an actual team member is one of the best things about chatbot. You can choose to offer an option that goes like ‘Get me in touch with an expert’ and further pass on that lead to the responsible team in real-time.

This can prove to be a win-win for both the visitor and your business. With cases like this, a chatbot for WordPress or any other platform can be an amazing addition!

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Lead the visitor to the right knowledge base

All of us wear multiple hats throughout the day. One of the most commonly worn is one of being a customer. Isn’t it just right to admit that before making a final purchase for anything, we as a human, like to explore a plethora of options, learn about the feature set, read reviews, and so on? This increases even more when making a purchase online.

A chatbot can be a big help to businesses when it comes to directing a visitor to the right piece of information. Let’s say a visitor wants to read case studies or read about the funding the organization has raised. The chatbot can be trained to address those queries and give links to relevant pieces right there. This does two things – provides adequate information to the person, helps delight them at the same time, leading to the organic distribution of assets like blogs, videos, and FAQs. 

Reduce your employees’ workloads

Talking about a majority of the organizations, tasks like qualifying leads, directing visitors, and so on are typically handled by customer service teams. By now, it should not come as a surprise to you that by integrating a chatbot on your site built on WordPress, Wix, Shopify, or any other technology, you can eliminate these tasks from your team’s to-do list. 

Not just this, if you dive deep and integrate a full-fledged chatbot, you can eliminate the entire effort of the customer support team as well. 

Alright, so now you understand what a chatbot is and why is it that your business also needs one. Let’s get to the main discussion point here – what is the best live chat or chatbot for WordPress.

WotNot – Industry best chatbot for WordPress

Starting this section with the fact that you and every business out there must know. The average open rate for private messages is 98%, which is almost five times the 20% average open rate for email. 

Wondering why we do this right in the start where we were supposed to discuss why WotNot has the label of the best WordPress chatbot? Well, we wanted to throw light and clear your doubt on “I already have marketing automation, and I communicate with my customers via email. I do not want to start with a new platform.” The statistics clearly lays that personalized conversation is what the modern-day user looks for. They want to feel valued and want to be addressed individually. We, at WotNot, are working on assisting businesses to do this. Our chatbots are designed in a way that your couple of hours of effort will help you move that graph upward – with quality lead generation and delightful experience. 

WotNot truly stands by the three loved words – ‘No-code Platform’. Already serving over 3000 organizations with live chat and AI-based functionalities, we aim at simplifying all that we can – experience, costing, and overhead expenses so that they can focus on business crucially and invest their time, money, and effort there. 

Before we understand how WotNot works, let us hear what our customers have to say about their experience with this chatbot platform.

WotNot automates the interaction between business and customer. Our aim is to assist businesses in solving challenges like getting more leads, booking more appointments, and scaling your customer support. To make the entire process smooth, we work on building cutting-edge chatbots that can be embedded and integrated across multiple channels – Website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and so on.

Our existing customers use WotNot to provide a personalized customer experience for all of their existing and potential customers. Wondering how we do this? Well, our round-the-clock customer service experts respond instantly, speak in multiple languages, and would sit back only when the customer query is resolved. 

Use cases of WotNot as a chatbot for WordPress

There are multiple areas where WotNot live chat, and AI-based technology are solving for critical places. Listed below are the top used cases for WotNot. 

Chatbot for WordPress sites for manufacturing business owners

Maintaining the quality of the product is of utmost importance for any manufacturer. WotNot helps businesses automate part of their support queries, service tickets, and complaints using smart chatbots. If a case requires human assistance, the business owner can choose to have their customer support expert through a seamless chatbot to human handover.

Know more about no code chatbot for manufacturing business here. 

Chatbot for WordPress sites for travel business owners

If you are a travel business, go a step further in assisting your customers with the best experience by being by their side throughout the trip. Let our travel chatbot for WordPress and alike sites recommend your travelers with the best options and detailed needs. 

Know more about WordPress chatbot for travel business here. 

Chatbot for WordPress sites for e-commerce business owners

Running an e-commerce business? Notify your customers about order confirmations, shipment and delivery status, collections, and cancellations without delay. Empower them to track their orders at ease with the help of interactive messages and delight them by offerings a smooth experience. 

Know more about live chat and AI chatbot for e-commerce business here. 

Chatbot for WordPress sites for edtech business owners

With the entire pandemic situation and the rise of businesses in the education space, it’s crucial that you give your business the much-needed care. With a 100% no code chatbot like WotNot, scale up your registration rates by solving student dilemmas instantly, round the clock. 

Know more about drag and drop chatbot builder for edtech business here. 

Assist your students through documentation guidelines, enrolment procedures, campus info, and generate more admission inquiries without increasing headcount. Deploy a university chatbot that acts as an ideal assistant to any administrator who is inundated with the same questions all the time. 

The aim that drives our team at WotNot is to hold onto every website visitor who would in a routine and usual scenario have left the site unattended. Our chatbot services are specifically designed for WordPress and alike platforms. 

 WotNot also enables everyone with a wide range of options that comprise of pre-written templates. Alternatively, you can choose to write your chatbot content. Our drag and drop functionalities make it easy and accessible for even a beginner to get on board and make the best of our services. 

In conclusion

Chatbots are still a relatively new addition to the options brands have for engaging with potential customers and clients — but many companies are already seeing the benefits of incorporating them into their sites. 

With all the tech advancements, we have now realized that using a website as a useful sales tool requires offering fast responses and assistance whenever your audience needs it and goes without reminding again – a chatbot can deliver this 24/7. 

Although chatbots used only to be a viable option for businesses with the budget and developers to build them from scratch, there are now plenty of choices that make integrating one into a WordPress site a breeze — making this an addition worth considering for any company.

Are you a business looking for a chatbot for your WordPress website or in that stage where you and your team are exploring that chatbot market? Give us a visit, spend some time, and who knows – maybe we can turn out to be the right partners – in lead generation, in enhancing the experience, and a lot more. 


Hardik Makadia

CEO, WotNot

His leadership, pioneering vision, and relentless drive to innovate and disrupt has made WotNot a major player in the industry.